Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Wtf Flowers.

So get this.... weirdest a** thing happened today.

My mom got a text with a typo saying "Avery got some flowers..." down at 9th street. My mom went down and picked them up and we were surprised that they were actually addressed to me. So we opened them up, got these beautiful flowers.. absolutely no hints as to who they're from. 

I'm really flattered.... and confused. I posted a picture of them on facebook to say thank you to whoever sent them but haven't gotten any leads. I'm not going to get nosey about it. I've been thinking of the guys I've talked to over the past couple months and can't think of anyone that would do this. 

Anyway that's been fun to wonder about today I suppose. Other than that I've just been practicing, had bomb Mexican food for lunch today and still sewing that iron maiden patch on. Super wired on this energy drink called Xs Energy drink..... Sick of practicing invention but too nervous for the recital to practice anything else.


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