Thursday, August 22, 2013

Completely clean slate, kind of an unreal feeling.

It's weird waking up you no longer like anyone.... and I really mean that this time.

I guess Terry was actually into athlete chicks. Makes sense, he can probably relate to a lot of what she's doing. She's the one to the right of #9 on the left side, she plays for the Oregon Ducks. Seems like the kind of girl that doesn't wear makeup. 

I admittedly did like Terry for a good amount of this last year but knowing that he has a girlfriend now really does give me a clean slate. I'm really surprised that Terry's actually in a relationship, I just figured he didn't want one because of the vibe that he gave off but I guess I'm just not his type. I'm hoping that things can now be less awkward between us now that I know we're just friends.

I did send him a text saying it's cool and I hope things can be more relaxed between us now that I know we're just friends. And still study together for Carbaugh's money and banking tests.

I am completely, entirely uninterested in sports nowdays. Sports is Terry's life. I'm sure sports is this girl's life too. So we'd never work together...

Jay, Jack and Terry were the only three guys that I really liked these past couple years so it feels weird to not have anyone that I like anymore. There is not a soul in the world I can say I am truly attracted to right now in a romantic sense. It feels weird, yet I feel very free. I'm 21 years old man, f**k it I really don't need anyone and haven't for a long time. I just get frustrated when things tend to sort of lean in that direction and then never go anywhere.... then eventually end because I'm just not what they want right now.

I think it's because I'm quite an unusual person... not in a bad way, I mean people that are my friends and acquaintances seem to appreciate my dedication to practice and study-- my life that revolves around self improvement that I have built for myself. In my imagination I live a rockstar lifestyle, ha ha ha. Single, on the road all the time, playing music, talking to a sh*t ton of people, smoking. What more is there. 

Gonna try to get some good practice in for a couple hours, wish me luck at my lesson today. I'd love to get a youtube vid up today if I can.


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