Sunday, August 4, 2013

Fried brain salad

Hey, it's 1 am and here I am again.... coming down from work, fried.

Tomorrow I have to work from 11 am-7 pm, then Monday I've got another closing shift. These closing shifts in kids are a hassle because the store becomes super busy and hard to keep up with. I've told you guys this before. Tonight was a typical night at JCP... I enjoy closing with Jasmine because she's a hard worker like I am, we get shit done because we know it needs to get done... It's frustrating when you're working with people that constantly whine. Jasmine doesn't whine. Neither does this other girl that I worked with tonight... I can't remember her name. She seems intelligent and I like her though, and she gets things done. She asks me questions that I can't answer occasionally and I feel kind of bad because I'll be like ummm.... 

Anyway yeah, just another shift done... I actually got a decent amount of guitar practicing in because my shift didn't start until 5 pm. I left home around 3:30 because I had to run a couple errand-y things.

No word from Jay for 2 days now. He gets home tomorrow night so maybe I'll hear from him, dunno. I intend to text him tomorrow evening because I know he's coming back into town and I'll just ask how his trip went or something.

I need to read.... There's a lot of things I'd want to do if I had more time but I know I need to sleep because if I stay up much later waking up will be a pain tomorrow. I've already done a really crappy job at maintaining my original goal of reading 10 pages a day of my finance book... I've been stuck in this same section because every time I sit down and try to read it there's some distraction or I don't have time.


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