Saturday, August 10, 2013

Adddddventure time!

Nick you are NOT too cool to be in this picture... ha ha ha

Yesterday was fun. Had a wild hair and set up an event on facebook for pretty much anyone around benton city to meet at the rope swing today. I had a really good turn out actually, considering pretty much everyone has jobs. My tan has certainly faded and people always enjoy pointing out how white I am because I could honestly care less. 

Cameron L. and his friends were really the one that helped me with this. My friend Kellen came to my house at 2' and we sat outside while I ate a sandwich until Wiley rolled up in his sick Chevy. Cameron and Chris C. were in the truck bed and Zach M. was in the passenger seat. Cameron acts so goofy, he cracks me up. 
We went to the store and this guy Chris C. who's been at the rope swing with us every time I've been there that I can remember. He had a bottle of whiskey with him and would run down those scary cliffs like it was nothing. Wiley brought some Strawberry-Ritas or whatever and some Rolling Rock. I had one of those at around 2 pm... I know crazy right, that was the first time I've ever drank in the afternoon. 

But honestly it was because I was a little stressed! At this point in the day I had heard some really hard news... News that I unfortunately can't talk to you guys about much on my blog because it could potentially make the situation worse. Of course I don't know how it could get worse now, seems like administration has already made up it's mind to send my mom packing for the dumbest little shit weasel on earth. 

So yeah. Cheers. I spent the next hour scrolling through my phone looking for girls to invite to this thing. Rhiannon said she was coming on the event page so I was really hoping she'd be there. Not that I have a problem with any of the guys that I was hanging out there with at this time... it's just kind of awkward being the only girl there. I had thought for sure Alisha (Zach's girlfriend) would be there but she was sick. 

Luckily Rhiannon showed up at around 4' or so. On the right of her with the beanie is Chris Cul. (Not Chris C. mentioned earlier). He's just your typical kind of eclectic, "high on life" street kid that probably had a rough upbringing. He says some crazy things and enjoys lighting things on fire. Then to my left is Cameron L., then Zach, and Zach's brother who's really sarcastic like Zach is. 

Katelynn came and brought a box of pabst which was highly appreciated by everyone when the beer cooler was running a little low. Katelynn, Kellen and Kevin were in the water practically the whole time. Katelynn says that she hardly ever goes swimming and doesn't know why more people aren't in the water. For me personally because it's cold to me and I'd rather stand around and socialize. That water is shallow but you still can't see your feet and that can be a little bothersome to me too.

OH.... weird side thing that I just realized... last night I had a dream that Abe P. from school was with me yesterday and telling me he didn't want to swim in the water because he "remembers when the water was clear and you could see your feet." What the hell is that supposed to symbolize?

The 6 of us that came first stayed for quite awhile and I was ready to go home around 6'. I drank 2 beers which kind of got my mind off the situation at home but by this time I was getting a headache. Timmy had shown up a little later and was like "What you guys are leaving already?" And Wiley's like "Dude! we've been here for 4 hours!" ha ha ha

So yes, very fun yesterday. Part of me kind of wanted Jay to show up but I knew he'd be much too exhausted. Instead of saying "no" Jay just chooses not to respond to things sometimes. That's alright with me, I get it. I hope I see him this Tuesday. I've got work from 5-12 am tonight and another closing shift tomorrow. This next Friday's payday should be pretty good.


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