Friday, June 14, 2013

New job and buying junk out of boredom

Well I've got some good news, guys.

For those of you that don't know already I got the job at JCpennies so that'll be starting here in a week or so. I'm really hoping both of my jobs will start soon because I am bone broke. Still haven't gotten word back from Rite aid about the drug test or when I'd be starting so hopefully that's around the corner as well.

I went to the mall with Katelynn yesterday and spent a bunch of money on stuff I probably didn't really need, like a new bra, an eyeshadow palette from Sephora and a ton of jewelry at Claires for their 10 for $10 sale. If I was smart about how I spent my money I would have bought some black slacks for work... nope!

Whatever, things like this really add a little extra joy to my day...

Onigiri earrings. I have a bunch of little sushi earrings with smileys on them like this and I look forward to wearing them to work. Sort of a blast from the past for me, but what the hell they were a dollar.

I've been off Prozac because I've been unable to get my prescription refilled without meeting with my doctor. I'm going to my appointment on Monday at 9:15. Prozac has really worked for me so it's irritating to not have it for the weekend because I will inevitably be feeling lethargic and headachey... like today I slept about 4 hours after I'd eaten breakfast, what a waste! Regardless of this I've been feeling pretty good the last couple days because of my recent success in getting the job so I'm just hoping to kick back this weekend and not worry about anything. 

But yeah haven't been up to much aside from working on getting my job, playing a ton of guitar and hanging out at home. I feel pretty content lately, and for that reason don't have much to say. Goodnight all.


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