Friday, June 21, 2013

Some random fun. weird body aches. New recital piece


The last few days have been pretty good. I hung out with Ashleigh E. and we ended up going to this bar called the Parkade for their karaoke night. Ha ha you know me I don't sing but I still had a good time getting drunk and hanging out with them. We went to Denny's afterward and I ended up eating half a grand slam and getting sick shortly after. I did not wake up with a hangover though which was a plus... but I was freaking exhausted most of the day. Not that it matters, STILL NOT WORKING....

I called JCpennies today and talked to Katelynn's manager Thomas about the non-responsiveness from my employing manager and hoping to get some answers on when I could expect to start work. He told me that Amy is working and he would write down my name and number to make sure she calls me back in a couple of hours. She didn't. What the Hell, seriously. I would have gone to the business by now if it wasn't for my gas money situation. Ugh this whole month of being broke has been the pits in some ways but I've been getting REALLY good practice time in.

Jake and I had a really good lesson yesterday and he convinced me to play master of puppets in the recital. I showed him a couple songs I had printed-- Gone away by the Offspring and a Favor House Atlantic by Coheed and Cambria. He doesn't really like Coheed and the Offspring is supposedly a piece of cake skill wise and wouldn't really showcase how far I've come. So Metallica it is. It's a freaking epic song and I'm willing to take the challenge.

Tomorrow is going to be a really busy day because I'm going to Shavonne's wedding and might be going to the movies later that night. My sister's boyfriend Jimmy apparently knows this guy that invited him to a movie (yes, invited Jimmy to a movie) recently and asked if I wanted to go so that it wouldn't be as awkward with three people. This guy is really cute and I added him on facebook but haven't actually heard from him yet. Still, if this works out it'll be cool to meet him.

Tonight I got invited to go to a club with Ashleigh and a few other people and since I've already got my practice time in I figure why not. Might as well have some fun before I get worn out with work.. which I'm praying is soon.

I don't really know what my deal is but lately by body has been aching really bad. I think it might be going through some kind of shock from the medication so I'm a little sore and could be for awhile. I've been feeling kind of bloated and my lower back has been very sore. I actually have been wearing a heating pad all day and took a long nap hoping it would go away. Going to take my second shower here in a minute.


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