Monday, June 3, 2013

Slacked for the weekend to brace for what's ahead

Wow, today was supposed to be my big statistics study day. You know how much studying I've actually accomplished so far? Nothing. I spent all weekend hanging out at home doing nothing but hang out with family and get things ready for the upcoming week. Today I did a pretty good amount of cleaning and packing and my room looks a LOT less cluttered than it did this morning.

Here's a picture of me and Ting at Bruce's birthday party this weekend. I really did have a fun weekend, between that party and getting a chance to go home and spend a little time at my sister's senior party. I don't know if I mentioned to you guys that I missed my sister's graduation but I did. Honestly it was because I had partied the previous night and didn't get much sleep. It was so much fun and I was lucky enough to not get a hangover. Ting was drinking the same amount that I was and got pretty sick so I was probably up until 3 or 4 am making sure she was gonna sleep in the bed I'd laid out for her versus next to the toilet seat...

Lol poor thing, I felt bad when she got so sick and I wasn't because she was drinking everything that I was having but I had a big meal beforehand and that night I ordered garlic bread at the palace.

Ting didn't go to the palace. I met her at Starlight and we hung out the rest of the time. She has taken Russian with some of Bruce's friends (namely Kylea) and she is planning to study in Russia next year. This kind of made me disappointed... Here I made this friend and she's not going to be at Central for a year. Granted I will be here in Fall 2015 when she comes back (I will be in my final quarter or second to last) so we will get some time to hang out again regardless but it'll be more than a year.

(Well Ting scratched her own face out in this one.... alrighty then ha ha)

Bruce's party this time was sort of different from the last one because we all got pretty drunk before going over to his house and by the time that happened I was too lazy to play any games. It was a hell of a fun time though, like last time. Kylea (left) is fun to party with. She's really genuinely nice, not embarrassed of anything.. She's been one of my favorite people I've met this year. 

Wow, yeah it's already 3 pm. My goal today is to do three hours of statistics and 1 hour of guitar to feel better about not doing anything productive this weekend. It's definitely do-able. 

Tomorrow I have my Stats final at 10 am. I keep on meditating on being confident in this material and I hope that it'll further solidify in my mind today. 


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