Monday, January 7, 2013

Drive straight on. Don't stare at me, I'm on duty.

Rawr. Some of my Chinese neighbors made a snowlion on January 3rd. Clearly this has been snowed over a few times since then and doesn't look as perfect as it did before but I had to get a picture of it. 


Today was good, started bright and early and managed to get everything that I needed done out of the way even if my Dad came to visit around 5. We went to Ellensburg Pasta Co. and Safeway. We had some pretty funny conversations, he was in a good mood for the most part even if it's impossible to get through an evening with him without him blowing up about the cost of school and needing a part time job.

I could not handle a part time job in my present circumstances, with the anxiety that comes from going to school alone and waking up every day with what always seems like a mountain of stuff to do adding a part time job would be impossible. I am happy to say I have not had a panic attack all day today but it's the first day in awhile. 

My Dad bought me some retro stickers that I hung around my corkboard. My wall is really looking great, it feels so homey in here now that I've got all my stuff scattered and hung around. I'm halfway through my time living here. Next year I plan to live in Anderson. We'll cross that bridge when it comes...

One of my favorite Youtube users, YangHaiying said the following in one of her videos that I've listened to for relaxation when I'm feeling tense:

"It does not help to worry." 

I know that sounds like a very simple phrase but if you really think about it, it's so true. Worrying doesn't help anything. I said this to myself out loud today when I had a sudden onset panic feeling when I knew my Dad was coming in an hour and I hadn't finished reading for my English 102 class. By saying this phrase out loud and calming down, I was able to calm down enough to finish reading before my Dad showed up.

Oh my gosh.... I just went on my Youtube to look for another video and stumbled upon this. StimmeKoreas had posted a response to it saying this wasn't the first video game North Korea has ever created (apparently there's also a weird boxing one that displays hatred for the South Korean president...). Regardless, this is hilarious. It's actually created by a Chinese company for more people to get to know North Korea but the graphics and sound are awful so turn down your volume.


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