Thursday, January 10, 2013

And I won't be feeling hollow for so long.

Classes today were fine, I did get to sleep in an extra hour this morning because I remembered that English class is only on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I didn't remember this on Tuesday and had that lovely realization showing up to an empty classroom.

I was almost late to economics. I'm usually one of the last ones to show up in that class for some reason but I'm always on time. We continue to learn about demand curves and how price and other factors can effect it. Raise in price doesn't SHIFT the demand curve... only other factors do-- like.. uh... Customer preferences, I think growing population of people buying it.. something like that. I don't know why I'm sharing this with you guys. That's something that's really important for me to remember for the next quiz on Tuesday. Carbaugh's an awesome teacher, I really want to do well in that class so I'm going to study hard for that quiz this weekend.

This is Jessie, the girl I sit next to in two of my classes. I like her, she's really sweet, pretty and cool. I'm looking forward to getting to know her more this quarter. I'm also planning on texting Eli tomorrow and hopefully get a chance to hang out with her this weekend. Actually it would be cool to hang out with Jessie at some point this weekend too but because we see eachother for two hours a day in class, 5 days a week I almost feel like bugging her on the weekends would be too much, ha ha ha.

Anyway after finite we went to have lunch in the SURC. I haven't eaten there in forever. I got a quesadilla, like I always do. It's $6. It's huge. I can never finish it unless I'm absolutely starving and stressed out. A couple of her friends came up, a guy and a girl that look a little younger than me. I do not remember the names of either but they both had big personalities. The girl was wearing bright lipstick, very accessorized, kind of loud but still fun. The guy looked about half Asian and was also very loud, so they sort of yelled over eachother. Jessie's not this way but she's still good at talking/listening. I think loud people tend to find quieter friends. Maybe I am a loud person... I don't feel as loud at school as I do at home.

Another guy walked up to the table a little later. He's really tall, strikingly attractive (to me anyway, I don't know), and Jessie had told me he was a music major before he sat down. She also told me he's 25. I began to chat with him. Jessie and her two friends were having their own conversation that I couldn't really get into because I didn't know anyone they were talking about. They seemed to know a lot of people that walked by, though. 

Alan and I talked about well, music, obviously. He sings. He knows a wide variety of music-- he knew every single band I mentioned, even knew who John Petrucci was. I did make sure to stop myself from blah-blah-blah-blah'ing as I tend to do when I get into talking about the extent of my guitar obsession. I tried to ask him more questions and listen. 

It took me awhile to realize he had an accent, maybe because the SURC is loud. He comes from Scotland and he's doing his masters degree at Central. I originally asked if he was Canadian. D'oh!

Anyway, that made my day a little more interesting. Aside from that I studied Finite math for two hours, practiced guitar for about 90 minutes, and had a good lesson with Jake. He sent me some handouts last week that I completely disregarded and I'm going to make sure to look into those this week. One of which is a packet that states "How to improve guitar technique" and he wrote it himself. 

Jacob puts an incredible amount of work into what he does. I'm so, so incredibly lucky to have such a good teacher and mentor in my life. 


Here's a song I've absolutely loved lately.

I discovered Nevermore recently. Such crisp guitar in this band. Some of the lyrics are a little meh but the singing itself is superb. Always nice to find a new band. 

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