Thursday, October 27, 2011


Alright, my title has no relevance to what I'm going to write what-so-ever, but it's a really awesome line in "Snowblind" that I always sing in my car when it comes on. Right now, I'm downloading the Zune software onto my new computer and then hopefully I'll be able to get my two new CDs onto my Zune and listen to them tomorrow morning.

I got a couple great, but totally different from one another CDs. Babylon by Skindred and The Greatest Hits of Canned Heat. But yes, before you ask, I DO STILL buy CDs. Why? Well, for a number of reasons...

Emily's List of WHY I Still Buy CDs (when I have the computer skills to download songs online):

1. I don't trust anything illegally downloaded online. In the past I've destroyed computers with trying to download music with Limewire, MP3Raid, etc... Fact of the matter is, no matter what site you're using, there's always a risk that you're gonna download a virus and when you buy music legally you don't have to worry about it.

2. I'm too lazy to download tracks individually. Honestly, the only time that I do that is when I'm desperate to hear a certain artist but I'm too broke to buy a CD. Typically, if I like an artist enough to want an entire album, I'll buy one. Plus, if you download tracks sometimes you don't know if you're getting the full song. Like for instance, I downloaded "Nobody" by Skindred individually a few months back, and I'm listening to the track on the CD and it's like 2 minutes longer...

3. I like to support the artists themselves. Simply put.

 I've used about 5 gb of my 30 gb Zune. The thing is though, if I ever even come close to filling the whole thing, I can always delete some of the albums on there that I never listen too. Like somehow I ended up with like... six albums of Opeth from Robert's computer. Opeth IS pretty cool but that's just-- a lot. Usually the only time that I discover music on my zune is when I have it on shuffle, but with Opeth there songs are so long that I'm rarely in a mood that I want to listen to an eight minute metal song... Unless I'm on a road trip or something. And even then... Lately, I just like listening to more upbeat music.

There's something very satisfying about owning the CD itself. It's like, if my computer crashes or something, I'll at least still have it. Now that I've discovered buying CDs on Amazon, I'm gonna buy more of them when I can.

Today was pretty long... studied math for about three hours, for the first hour and a half or so being completely confused and ready to quit. But, I stuck with it, got help, and figured out chapter 10. I'm proud, now I just need to review and study and then I'll be good to go for the chapter 10 test not this next monday but the following one. Lots of time to review. I also need to step up my japanese homework. Sensee actually counted an assignment half credit for being late. I didn't even realize that she kept track of it because I've turned in so many assignments late that have never been docked. I really need to get all of it in by next monday. Next thursday is already the Chapter 11 test! Yikes! So yeah, that's obviously on my mind too. Seems like Japanese tests and math class come at the same time.

My mom called me weird for buying a Canned Heat CD. lol. I don't really care, I think they're cool.

Anyway, it's  almost 1. Me and Ryan errm-- WERE gonna hang out tonight but plans fell through somehow. That, and my phone is shut off. Lovely..


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