Monday, October 10, 2011

Three hours until my math class... so I'm in the library screwing around.

BUT, I don't feel guilty about this. Luck somehow ended up in my favor this morning. Last night I partied at Faraday's house after work and I brought along my school work so I could save myself a drive into Pasco. When I got to school this morning after getting up and getting ready super early at Faraday's, I find out that I LEFT all my Japanese stuff at home. I was irritated, but decided that I didn't want to drive all the way home. I almost did... I was really close, especially when I realized I also forgot my calculator at home. Luck ended up being on my side though when I overheard that sensee wasn't at school today and that classes were cancelled.

Eureka, no driving home! And on top of that, I had a ton of time to do my math homework. I spent about four hours in the tutoring center studying math and getting the homework assignments that I probably should of done this weekend finished. There were a couple guys sitting across from me that were doing their calculus homework who started talking to me when they noticed my random paper that I had in my binder that had Japanese on it. So yeah, overall, good day so far. Got a lot of math done. That's quite the accomplishment for me.

This weekend Ryan Wolfe randomly showed up at my house after this party that he had gone too, and we sat in his car and talked for like three hours about random crap. He made me laugh sooo hard about things that I don't even know if he realized was that funny. It's weird, we've known eachother since we were really little kids, and that was the first time I ever actually had a conversation with him. The next day I had work at 10 am, and we had been talking until 3 am. I was SO tired.

Whenever I'm in the library and there's somebody on facebook, I wonder how someone would react if I randomly went to THEIR facebook profile and just sat there browsing around. I mean people look at random people's profiles all the time, but how awkward would it be to discover somebody else that just happens to be on yours? If I had the balls to do so, that would be so funny. This girl sitting next to me is Russian, she's so gorgeous. Why are foriegn girls so pretty??

I think it's just about being different. Like, if I went to another country maybe some people would think I'm pretty because I'M foriegn...

Cause we all know how hot American women are known for being. Yes, I know that picture is a fake picture of Britney Spears. hahaha

I'm wondering when the hell I'm supposed to have my next payment in for CBC. I'm gonna talk to the cashier about it now so that my dad knows ahead of time and I don't get screamed at. Makes me cring thinking about dealing with that again.

It's raining out and the bottom of my pants are wet. I had to roll them up and now I look like I complete dork but I don't really care.


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