Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I never thought I'd HOPE math would speed up...

Miranda's over there itching the hell out of her ear. Stop doing that, mira!! You'll end up with one of those broken blood vessels like Tabitha.

Tonight's been a pretty chill night. Today was one of my very busy wednesdays so I have spent a few hours not doing much of anything to let my brain relax awhile. So much to say in this one entry. My previous budget entry is pretty much null and void because I'm not going to be making as much money as I used too.

Why? Because yesterday I got the rude awakening that my hours are being cut, drastically. They hired this new, wacky cigarette smoking lady sometime last week. She looks like she's in her 50's but she could be my Dad's age. I'm not really sure... She tries to be really nice but she looks like she's been through a lot and I'm sure she could turn on a dime if I'm not careful. The thing is, the way I look at it is this-- if someone is applying for a cashier job at Rite Aid and they're over 40 years old, they probably REALLY need that money. She said she's been helping raise her grandbaby (unsure what gender, she always says Grandbaby. Probably heard it like 20 times yesterday) for the past few years. Anyway, she got hired as a closing cashier and now my hours have gone down from 30+ hours a week to... 13. I was like what the fuck is this shit? So I'm gonna talk to Jodi about it. I don't know why they cut my hours so much. I thought I'd been doing a pretty good job. Maybe because I'm the youngest one there they threw me under the bus? Maybe they think they're doing me a favor because I'm a full time student? I really don't know. If they don't bump up my hours to at least 20 hours a week, I'm considering getting a second part time job.

I still gotta focus on my grades though, which brings me to today. Just this week I've fallen somewhat behind in Japanese. Of course I always feel that way at the beginning of the new grammar. I've just been working so much that I get stressed and don't have much initiative to study it. I need to keep chugging though. I've got 105% in that class overall, which technically isn't supposed to be possible according to Kim Money. Well it is! I've gotten extra credit on my homework AND got 100%+ on all my tests. Kim says that she's an easy grader, too. Ehh... I've looked at the grade book. Though for privacy purposes you can only see student ID numbers, I first know that I have one of the highest grades in the class, and secondly I know that I saw quite a few 60-70% grades... Idk why I was sort of insulted by Kim's comment. I guess I just take pride in how hard I've worked in Japanese, even if Sensee is a sweetheart and gives even people that rarely study every opportunity in the world to raise their grade.

Today after Japanese I spent most of my time studying math. I packed a really cute and healthy bento this morning, which managed to hold me over until a chicken sandwich that my sister made me for dinner at 8', that's pretty impressive.

Cute ain't it? Ended up throwing away the cheese though because it got melty and greesy. Eww. The chicken and rice reheated was really good though!

Anyway, math...

Went into the tutoring center, and sat down to some of the most intimidating garbage I've seen in awhile-- Simplifying Radicals. I have always been somewhat unsure about power rules and fractions, even if Zhang cleared it up a LOT in math 96... that being said, it took me awhile to get the hang of it. There was this nice guy sitting across from me named Luis who is taking calculus that helped me with my work and explained VERY clearly how to do what I was working on. I gave him my facebook address so we can be friends, he's really cool.

I don't know if he knows how much I really do appreciate his help though, as today it seemed I was one of the only ones in my class that understood the material. Lambert always asks for answers, and I call them out because I'm so desperate to move on. They're computational answers, like, she'll have a fraction that can be simplified and will ask "which simplifies too..?" and she'll ask us very simple multiplication (more than two digits) that she can't do off the top of her head to make sure we're following along and that she doesn't have to whip out her calculator. In a sense, I know I'm doing her a favor, but I hate being that "know it all" in class. But I'm sure I'm not pissing people off as much as that one idiot that sits to the right of me. He's this hispanic guy who reminds me a lot of Emi Gonzalez looks wise, and even sounds like him... He'll ask questions that Lambert has JUST ANSWERED and he'll talk through the answer. It's annoying and he does is over and over through out class and it makes it nearly impossible to get the material done.

I got kind of a nasty look from the black guy who sits to the left of Kim that I actually thought was kind of cool. I'm hoping he doesn't think I was rolling my eyes at him when he asked a question-- the 20th question in a row practically over the same section, 10.2, that I had just studied for two hours in the tutoring center... Don't get me wrong! I have no problem with people asking questions if they need help! That's what a teacher is there for, and it's not like I don't need review-- math isn't my strong subject at all and I have to work really hard at it. But this hispanic kid that asks questions again and again and again that she just explained makes me extremely frustrated, and I know he's having the same effect on others. In fact, about a quarter of the class left today before we even got a chance to talk about section 10.4. Chapter 10 has almost been enjoyable though. I felt such a sense of accomplishment when I figured out what I was doing. I'm still feeling confident in Math 98. Feels GREAT for once.

It's already almost time to start thinking about class registration. I'm happy, this quarter I think I get first dibs. I want to take accounting, this stupid computer programming class, and maybe Japanese V. But the first two classes come first... I HAVE to take an accounting class before I even consider majoring in business. Can you guys believe it? I'm almost done with my AA! How exciting, my LAST quarter!

I'm starting to drag on. I'm getting tired.

night all


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