Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Yesterdays got nothing for me.

Hilarious picture of me and Robert I found from homecoming my senior year.
Didn't go to prom, but this was definately the best formal I went to during highschool.

I've been going through my mom's computer, looking at pictures. I even uploaded some of them to facebook because my albums from my senior and junior/sophomore year are pretty empty for the most part. These pictures make me smile, making me feel pretty nostalgic and happy that some parts of highschool were actually good. I guess I felt like writing this after writing a couple days ago about how seeing that football picture made me sick.

The reason that I've been writing about my past I guess is because I'm in a very transitional period of my life. With community college almost being over, I'm about to go out on my own. Things have gone by pretty fast since highschool ended, but looking at these pictures make me realize how much I've changed and matured since then.

Though this picture is too bad for facebook even now, I freakin love this picture. Here's me and Katharine the day of my graduation. We had made potatos after going through this long rant to my mom about how potatos should of been served with the fried chicken I insisted on having at my graduation party. That day went by so fast it was like a flipping blur.

This picture makes me especially realize how much I've changed since my senior year. I look a lot younger. In all of these pictures I always have super tan arms and a white chest from playing sports.

I uploaded a lot more of them but that's all I care to share on here. I am planning on going to bed here in a few as soon as I get this done, better take my happy sleep pills. . .  Yeaah, I've been taking motion sickness pills to help me sleep better at night. They've been working really well and help me keep me sleep schedule to somewhat of a routine. Well, except for tonight. I felt like staying up sort of late tonight because tomorrow is my only day off of work for awhile. This is how my weeks have been panning out lately, and probably will be for awhile if my schedule continues...

Sundays: Working all day, practically... until about 4-6' or so. My shifts start earlier, end earlier.
Mondays: STUDYSTUDYSTUDY. No Rite aid, but a shit ton of studying and work for the week ahead. Probably from not getting a chance to study on the weekend.
Tuesdays: School, then work. End at 10', or at least that's how it's been.
Wednesdays: STUDYSTUDYCRAMCRAM. like today. No Rite Aid.
Thursdays: School then work OR my only real opportunity for a day off because no math class and only Japanese in the morning.
Fridays: Work all day.
Saturdays: Work all day.

Yup. Getting my first real paycheck tomorrow though, so that's exciting. I'm wondering if my money is in the bank yet. Guess I'll know tomorrow morning. I'm planning on stopping into wal mart and checking my bank statement. If the money transfered yesterday, though, it might not show up on an atm. I fucking hate direct deposit. I wish my mom had never insisted on that.... I have to transfer money into my savings anyway.

Oh! Which reminds me. My mom was trying to get me to use the money from my SAVINGS account-- the special one just for college, on a new computer. She says that because she's tired of hearing me and my sister argue about the computers. She returned the one that I used this summer because I'm very rarely ever home anymore, which is understandable, but now any time that I am home it's a struggle to use one at all. My sister feels a sense of ownership over #2 (the computer number from my mom's office) just because she's downloaded a bunch of shit onto it. Like her crappy music, for instance. So even if I just want to use it for a few minutes she come up with some big, dumb excuse-- like having to use it for her homework. Bullshit, Avery. You know as well as I do that you never actually do your homework before 11:30 pm.

I however will NOT use my savings money. I won't touch it until April 1st. Period. And I will continue to put money in it as if I'm paying a bill. My mom doesn't understand this concept because she doesn't know how to save money. But it'll pay off, I swear. PLUS, I already went through the whole, proud ordeal of setting up a savings account. In order to even start one you need at least $300 to put in there, and if you have less than that amount the bank will charge you on a monthly basis. No thanks. I can save for a computer myself in my main account. In a matter of no time I'll have more than enough to purchase one, and STILL have money to survive on. That's another thing she doesn't realize. Now that I'm making money, I do NOT want to be broke again. This summer was HELL, I HATEHATEHATE being broke-- so unless I have an ample amount of money to support a splurge for a computer that's actually worth it, I'm going to go without. More than likely, I'll just end up getting one for christmas.

Today was overall a productive day. I got up at about 10:30.. skipped Japanese class because I felt like crap. My throat was killing me, I could barely talk, and I was coughing up a storm. Besides, I had to study for math and could use all the time I could muster. I sat down to the table at about 11 to get through some of 8.2 and realized that I knew NOTHING Lambert had been teaching us. This made me nervous, and almost in tears. I cannot fail math 98-- if I do, I'll be stuck here until the fall!!! NO!!!!

So I decided to take it into my own hands and not bitch and moan. I barely threw any makeup on, wore some shorts and a tank top and my pumas, and got out the door in about 10 minutes. I got to the math tutoring center and studied my ass off for about 4 hours. I got help from tutors that came by periodically, but I figured it out for the most part on my own. So here I am, math 98, pretty much teaching myself again.

Because Lambert's teaching methods don't work for me. Period. Don't get me wrong, she's a very kind lady! She just explains things into too much detail and answers way too many questions. Like today, I slaved over this homework section in the book that was ALL story problems-- they're called Mixture problems, which involve two variables and solving for certain scenarios. But, to my advantage a LOT of the problems were about money. This made the problems clearer for me, and I found them very easy to solve. I love working with money! Maybe it's a career option for me. My parents are convinced it's my calling.

So today I spent a total of SIX HOURS doing math. Between the studying in the tutoring center and my two hours of math class-- that's a lot of math for one day. I do however, feel CONFIDENT about this class. I can do this, this isn't hard! It's not that much harder than 97, it's just new concepts. I'll figure it out, and unlike this summer, I don't just have myself (and whatever random person is willing to help me, though the only one that ever did was Brad which I am eternally greatful for) to figure this out. I have Ashley Bowen, Kim, and that group that studies in the hub, and most of all I have the math tutoring center. It's going to be VERY helpful for me this quarter.

That being said, today was a good day. I'm proud of myself.

I'm going to bed though, I'm feeling pretty sleepy.


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