Thursday, June 2, 2011

Quickest week. So anxious today. (o_o)

Happy weekend!

This week flew by slightly too fast... As much as I like being able to do whatever I want during the weekends, I am stressed out because I know that my big math final is coming up and I need to study. But, I've got fantastic news... THE JAPANESE FINAL IS TAKE HOME!! This is the greatest news ever for me because it makes things a lot easier, obviously. Last quarter I probably spent 6-8 hours studying for the final, but this quarter I'll just have to answer the questions using my notes and make sure everything is perfect. I think I might get Hannah to work with me.

Today in class I gave sensee the photo album, and she loved it. I'm sure she'll love it more once she gets a chance to look at it... It was passed around about half of the class, and the other half didn't get to see it or sign it, so hopefully sensee will bring back the album so everyone gets a chance too. It makes me laugh because I noticed one person, who was one of the first people to look at it, made this HUGEEE drawn out note to sensee and took up about an 8th of the signature page. I am happy she likes it, and it was so worth the time and effort I put into it. I told her it was from the whole class, but Chris and Brad sort of pinned it on me by saying "Emily spent a LOT of time on that..." I wasn't even intending on saying anything about the fact that I made it, I really wanted it to look like it was from contributions of the entire class.. because in a way, it was. Without the class cooperating with me taking photos of them constantly, and also stealing photos from people's facebooks, it would of never worked.

Brad is having another movie night.

I am most likely going to go, and there are 10 other people that are planning on going so it's going to be funnn. last time I showed up late and didn't understand what was going on in the movie at all. Today probably won't be different. Why am I always so late to things? I think I might just be really bad at timing stuff outside of school.. or maybe I take too long to get ready. Who knows.

I have really been craving to play the sims today for some reason, so I think I'm going to play when I get home. Or maybe I'll make a video... But I don't really know what I'd talk about in this one. Seems like every one of my videos are pointless, scriptless,and yet I get views. So it shouldn't be too hard to come up with something.

I ordered my costume!!

Look at how cute this is! This is going to be my Day 1 costume for Kuro Neko con. I'm intending on buying another. I bought this on ebay for like $30... Incredible deal, and I've been working out a lot to make sure it fits, even though my measurements are technically a Japanese large and this should fit. We will see.

This outfit comes with:
-The skirt (apparently this is two pieces...)
-Stockings (these are SO cute)

It says in the listing that you get everything shown in the picture, so I'm assuming instead of skirt she meant dress. Lets just hope so. It's obvious that this person is esl, and the listing comes from China so the shipping should take a little while. Good thing I ordered it early. I'm planning on ordering the other maid outfit when I get paid for some stuff that I'm selling on ebay. Some of the stuff that I currently have listed are going to do very well.
According to the listing, it should take 7-10 shipping days. I doubt this but we will see. Apparently the payment through paypal is still processing, and because I used my mom's debit card (with permission, of course) I am nervous that the payment won't go through because her paypal account hasn't been touched in a long time and the number on her card could of changed since she last purchased anything on ebay.

We'll see.

I'm currently anxiously awaiting something. I will not tell you what it is. : )


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