Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sacrifices for Summer Quarter

As I get closer to the end of this quarter (only about fifteen days left), I feel strange because for the first time ever I'm not going to get a summer vacation. Nope, this is my 4th quarter in a row. This is going to be really shitty to not have a summer vacation but it's going to be very worth it in the end.
I haven't done this for awhile. I'm going to look at my credit standings at CBC as of now and see if I do need to take a full schedule this summer or not. I'm going to count the classes that I'm taking this quarter as passed because I'm pretty sure I'm acing all of them.

Requirements to get my AA
Communications- 13 Cred- DONEEngl. 101- 5 cred
Technical Writing- 5 cred
Speech Essentials 3 cred

Math Proficiency:
Took Math 96 this summer to prepare for Math 95, which I'm gonna be taking this summer.

Quantitative/Symbolic Reasoning: 0/5
Gonna be taking an introductory C++ class in the Fall, which will cover this stupid category.

Humanities 15/15 DONE
Intro to Literature: 5 cred
Music Appreciation: 5 cred
Survey of Asian American Cultures: 5 cred

Social/Behavioral Sciences 15/15 DONE
General Psychology: 5 cred
Survey of Anthropology: 5 cred
Intro to Sociology: 5 cred

Mathematical and Natural Sciences 10/15
Intro to Environmental Science w/ Lab: 5 cred
Nutrition: 5 cred
Going to be taking biology this summer to finish this up.

Health/Physical Education: 3/3
Fitness Center 1: 1 cred
Fitness Center 2: 2 cred

Electives 20/24
Japanese I: 5 cred
Japanese II: 5 cred
Japanese III: 5 cred
Jogging: 2 cred
Drugs and Health: 3 cred

Basically, then... All I need is math 95, 5 elective credits (which will be Japanese IV next quarter) and stupid C++. Then I'll be DONE DONE DONE DONE, yayyy!!!

The only thing that concerns me is this. On the bottom of AA requirements, it says "A maximum of fifteen credits from a restricted section can be applied." Does this mean that I won't get credit under my electives for Japanese IV? It says to go see a councilor but it's nearly impossible to get an appointment. oi.
I talked to a guy in the computer lab and he said it shouldn't be a problem. So, that being said, I'm so close to being done I can almost taste it. Registration for what I need has already been taken care of, but I wanted to know if I needed to take a full schedule this summer or just do the two classes that are potentially time consuming anyway: Biology and Math 95. I'm just sad I can't take any art classes for the hell of it. Drawing I is in the morning... so is my math class, and there are no other math classes with Zhang that work with my schedule. Probably for the best though, this summer I'm going to need to dedicate about three hours a day to math, according to the people that have taken it.

So yeah, summer is going to be not so fun. Summer quarter begins June 27, just one week after my finals. So I do get a week vacation to do NOTHING (I'm planning on reallllly enjoying this week, since I'm not going to get much of a break with FIVE DAYS A WEEK schedule). The last week of summer quarter is August 19... yep, whole summer. But then I get a break until September 19.

During the summer I don't typically do much though, so I'm not missing out on anything...

Except for a trip to California to see my family, more than likely-- which is HUGE because I haven't seen them in two years now. Because the week is five days a week instead of 4, I no longer get three day weekends and the trip would cause me to lose 2-3 class days. This can make a HUGE difference in a math class, especially one that is rapid paced but even more so because the quarter is 9 weeks instead of 11. I have no choice, I have to do it. As sad as it is. I just wish my family could come up here instead, but with my aunt's business she wouldn't be able to leave it either. That's just how things go I guess. Maybe, if I'm lucky, I can take a driving trip with someone to go see Humboldt university and go and see my family. Probably won't happen though, I'm too poor ass and I can't trust my car for that lonnnnnnng trip.

Anyway, Better get going, gonna go home



  1. Awwww! Skip school and come hang out with me, fool! I like your blog, Em and hope to see you this summer. I have a lot more freedom with my "business" than I did last time you saw me. Its really nice. All that hard work paid off. I kept telling your mom and grandma, "Trust me, this is gonna work out."

    I am so proud of you and can't wait to hear you speak Japanese to me. I will have to take you to Sushi. We got some really good Sushi restaruants here. OMG! I can't remember how to spell restaruant! Funny thing is most Sushi chefs are Mexican here, so I guess Grandma or Adam can at least order for us, hahaha.

    Hope to see you soon but at least with FB, I feel like I can keep up on your life a little better.

    Aunt Mandy

  2. What a gorgeous pic of your auntie and cousins. Humboldt, eh? :-) Alas, I wish it wasn't such an insanely long drive . . . and it is, unfortunately, an insanely long drive from/to any direction. But so fantastic that you're that close to being done! That's great news! Good luck this summer.


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