Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I started talking to Jack again. This time it was for four hours last night, as he's coming home for summer break soon. Well, sort of summer break. I guess his is going to be equivilant to mine because he's going to be in school as well. It was really nice talking to him again but I'm not sure if we're going to talk again because I was so ranty on the phone that I think it might of scared him off, hahaha. Seriously I went off on a rant that was 20 minutes long about the stupid Casey Anthony trails because he brought it up and I went nuts on it. Casey Anthony plays in my house all day long! I can't believe that we can talk on the phone for three hours though, that's pretty incredible. I've never talked to anyone for that long.

I feel so strange right now. I just feel weird being here for some reason. Like I want to be home right now but because my stupid car is being a piece of crap I can't. I really hope it starts again when I get home. I don't know why it's suddenly having battery problems again. I have done everything I'm supposed to do to avoid battery drainage. But apparently that's not enough. Maybe it's the tape thing being used WHILE I drive the car that's causing these problems. Who knows. I love my tape thing, but maybe it's time to invest in maybe getting a regular little radio thing that my mp3 player can plug into? I don't know much about cars or any accessories but SOMETHING that I can use to plug in my mp3 player but not drain my battery.

I made up with Tyler Davenport... almost about a year and a half since we'd last spoke (we stopped talking in the fall of my senior year). And the ironic thing is, when we sat down and talked about it, neither one of us could really remember what it was that killed it. We think it was shortly after me and Tyler "made up" in a sense, since we never technically dated but for about 6 months+ played cat and mouse until I couldn't take his dickish attitude anymore and I ended up finding another boyfriend, James Rasmussen. Shortly after this happened, Tyler injured himself skiing and messed up his leg and had to start taking pain medication. According to Tyler THIS is why he was such a dick to everyone (not just me) and started ditching all of his friends. I tried to get ahold of him, but he didn't answer my texts so apparently I just gave up. He went through depression with his leg, and acted like he hated everyone. I had later heard from Robert that Tyler had said that he "never thought I was attractive" and that I was "white," (as in pale as paste white) I got mad and didn't want to even make an attempt to talk to him again.

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