Monday, June 13, 2011

Drop C tuning and oral exams.

guess what I figured out?!?!

Shavo's tuning. Finally. I figured out how to tune my bass to drop C... carefully. I've been playing bass like a madman because I'm so stoked to finally be able to try playing Shavo's basslines. It's exciting. Right now I'm learning Darts. Not really my favorite song, but the bass is relatively simple, but really fast so it is good practice. My goal is to be good enough to play with Robert Mosley at some point. AND to be able to play along with the songs at normal speed. Right now, with this song that I'm learning, I'm at 75% speed that I can play along with, but it's that extra 25% that makes it so difficult. I'll get it if I keep trying.

Tomorrow are the Japanese oral exams, which is one of my two finals. Leah and Michael got 100%, Marisa and Andrew got 100%, there's no reason in hell that me and Hannah won't get 100% too. Tomorrow I'm going to go into school extra early to practice. Once that is over, I will have successfully completed my first year of Japanese! Be proud of me. hahaha. I'm proud of me... I've learned so much this year.

The only real concern for me right now is my jogging class... My teacher hasn't posted my grades for any of the assignments I've submitted except for like... a few, not even enough to get me a 1.0 in there. I've submitted everything to stupid Angel. I swear to god if I get an F on my report card on some stupid 2 credit P.E. class I'm going to strangle someone. I hate the stupid Angel software, it makes it such a guessing game. I messaged the teacher yesterday, and I've got no response to this point. I have read that syllabus a bunch of times to make sure I was doing everything correctly. I put a lot of work into it and there's no reason why I should fail it. Like, only one of my running logs that I've submitted has entered the gradebook. It freaks me the hell out. One fail on my report card could mean a whole extra quarter at CBC... over this? Nitemare. Hopefully not, lets hope for the best and that this teacher simply hasn't posted the grades yet for some reason. Fuck, but he better respond to me soon, it's starting to stress me out hella bad.

Speaking of jogging, I'm going to go take a jog and try and clear my head. Then maybe I'll study, or play more bass, who knows. I went over to Shavonne's today and she made me a canadian bacon pizza (we split it, one of those little ones), which I know has trans fat in it so I have to run. Maybe Lindy would want to take a walk with me.


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