Saturday, July 5, 2014


Fourth of July turned out to be more fun than originally anticipated-- of course everything is more fun when you've got a few tequila shots in your system and could give a rats who saw you that night.*

A very familiar group of faces, almost all of which graduated in my sister's class. I hadn't seen most of them in ages so it was fun catching up. I normally don't say much about my own life unless I'm asked but I remember telling a lot of people I was almost finished in business school. 

Taylor H. is planning to go to flight attendant school. I thought it was interesting this school teaches how to be a flight attendant exclusively because it seems like being a waitress in the air but no doubt there's a ton of protocol involved that I'm not even aware of. The pay is of course significantly better than a waitress too, I think she'll do really well at that.

This was the first 4th of July I can think of in years where the thought of still being single this time of year didn't bother me. As I've always said I'd much rather be single than be with someone I don't like that much, and I know the likelihood of meeting anyone this summer that would come close to what I felt for Joel is very unlikely.

I did start to have a crush earlier this summer but I don't think it's going anywhere. He seems to take too much of what I say literally, making it very difficult for me to comfortably communicate with him. If he decides he wants to get to know me further, cool, but otherwise I've dropped hope of a potential summer fling there.

Today I'm going floating with Kim G. and some of her friends so I need to get ready. I've been using tanning lotion every day on top of epiduo to make that stupid scarring on my forearm less noticeable to my parents. I know eventually it will go away entirely (sooner than later if I'm using epiduo or Differin which is meant to get rid of acne scars) but using tanning lotion has made the discoloration a lot less noticeable. So when I go to the river today I'll have a nice tan glow!

My body looks pretty good regardless of having not gone to the gym in a couple weeks. I try to stay active at home by running and doing workout videos on my computer every so often. While I've been back I've also been downloading a lot of new workout videos because my old ones are getting boring. My biggest diet enemy is beer, especially when there's a ton of it around here because my family doesn't really drink but my dad will buy it and think he might drink it eventually (lol).


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