Wednesday, July 9, 2014

One business owner finally took the first step... in conservative little Prosser too!!

Evening you potheads. 

Only because I know that's the first word that comes to mind looking at this picture. That or I look drunk. I am neither in this photo, the sun was shining in my face when my mom took this photo. She did take a sort of cute one that I uploaded earlier. That smile's not BS, either, she took this when we were out floating and I was having a really great time. 

Speaking of pot I have some very interesting news! Prosser just opened their first legal marijuana store. The type where all you have to do is show proof of identification and you can buy high quality bud for $20-$30 a gram. Granted that is not competitive with street prices what-so-ever (1 gram would regularly be about $5-$10), and they aren't claiming to try to be. The higher prices basically reflect the costs of legality issues and tax involved, but they aren't terrible considering the people that are buying it are primarily middle aged adults that don't have dealers and would rather not start asking local high school kids to find one (lol). 

A coworker of my Dad's predicted it will be a "flop" after the excitement dies down. But considering the shop sold their entire shipment of 300 grams (rationed in individual grams mind you, so we're talking $6000, at least $1800 of which will be used as tax revenue for better schools, a safer city, newer and modernized infrastructure in the town, increased tourism and foot-traffic from outsiders... the lists goes on. 

So hats off to you, brave entrepreneur that took the first step in opening the first marijuana store. 


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