Monday, June 30, 2014

I've had a nice few days. When did we last talk...

Ahh okay, the Renaissance fair..

Turned out to be a really good time. What of course made it better was getting in free because of my friend Andrew's extra vendor pass. Alasdair's girlfriend apparently couldn't make it so I signed in as her (shh, don't tell anyone). Anyway this gave me a little extra spending money to try things out, like this $5 archery range where you get to shoot 3 arrows while taking a quick lesson if needed. 

I of course had never shot before so I did need it. The woman that helped me was actually really good at showing me what to do in a limited amount of time. Even if I didn't hit the target (a goat on a tarp in this case), each arrow that I shot did land closer to it. I had come with Andrew who he was kind of flaunting his archery skills but he wasn't able to get any closer to the target than I was! 

One kind of nasty occurrence while I was there... I saw an old friend of mine. I'm not going to name names in this case because it's sort of embarrassing. He was in front of me in the archery line and I hadn't seen him in awhile. When he finished he turned toward me and I'm like "Hey *bleep*!" and I gestured to give him a friendly hug. He wrapped his arm around me and his armpit wiped against my shoulder and when he pulled away I noticed my shoulder was like.... drenched in something. Said individual made off in kind of a hurry when I was making small talk, and I can see why.... My God my shoulder wreaked like Hell. 

While Andrew and I were standing in line I was clearly grimacing and I told Andrew what had just happened. He's like "Wow that's.... Odd..." This girl in front of me dressed in a full out renaissance costume looked back and sort of gives me a sympathetic look. Ha ha I could only imagine how crappy this situation would have been if I was wearing a costume like hers with velvet sleeves.. You'd easily wreak the rest of the day. Because I was wearing a tank top I was easily able to go into the bathroom and scrub my shoulder a couple times with soap and water.... Then again with soap and water.. to remove the majority of the scent.

I was then on a "quest" to find one of the many stands selling scented oils and choose one to cover whatever was left of the stench. I came to a stand called Gia's Traditions and she was super courteous about helping find one I liked. We went through a few... Patchouli, Nag champa, "Bitch" (some strawberry-tangy mix).. Nothing was really sticking out to me. Then I found Sandalwood which I almost almost love the smell of regardless of the product (incense, candles, etc..) so I picked that one and I'm so glad I did.

It's got the nicest scent.. a lot like cedar and reminiscent of the plants around my Grandparent's old house in Atascadero. When I realized how much I liked it I wanted to go online and post a good review but Gia's Traditions is  nowhere online. True traveling gypsy vendor!!  

Andrew and I spent the rest of the afternoon wandering around the fair and looking at shops and eclectic people. I saw his Mom and she was really friendly. She's got the best British accent, I could listen to her talk all day.

That reminds me, lately I've been a lot more into asmr videos on youtube while I'm practicing guitar instead of watching cartoons. I switch back and forth between Youtube, Netflix and Amazon for entertainment. These days I'm watching (listening to) a lot of ASMR videos to relax as well as keep my brain active, as well as made tedious activities like chores more enjoyable.

Here's one of my favorite videos from one of my favorite users, she's got millions of views for a good reason-- she's an enchantress


In this video Maria gives a Russian culture lesson and I found the subject matter especially fascinating because of course I love to understand other cultures. She also does Russian language lessons that I like to listen too.*This video is actually somewhat underrated and I'd highly encourage you to check out her actual channel if you're interested in ASMR.

That's all for today folks.


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