Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Awessommme day, great stuff on the horizon

Evening err-body...

Well technically it's morning... 1:20 am to be exact. I had a really good day overall. Not having Ghosh's class at 3 made it feel like today was another Saturday. I only had Grandpa Carbaugh's* class at 10 and I was done. (Lol "Grandpa Carbaugh" is what some guys in my Finance class were calling him the other day because that's how he is to us-- he's like the superrr nice professor that every student likes to have one of on their course list because it makes the quarter less stressful.)

My money and banking quiz went well, 30/36, 83%.. I missed the highest possible amount to be satisfied with my score so it came really close but I'm feeling happy with it. When I'd glanced through the stack of papers I noticed a lot of 32's and even 36's so I figured Terry more than killed my score...... He didn't, in fact he did much worse than I'd anticipated considering how well he really knows the material.. Like he was able to name the different types of financial intermediaries off the top of his head and stuff that I was trying to absorb from the material turned out to be less useful then the funky conceptual things that I remembered on the True/False yesterday.

..Always feels good to beat my rival. Ha ha, Terry's still listed as "Gary Oak" in my phone. I got a phone call from him when he went to class not knowing that classes this week in Managerial were cancelled because he skipped the second half on Thursday.

I personally just think he's crazy to be taking 25 credits. I would much rather thoroughly study my 15 credits then try to race to my diploma.... I feel like Terry is much more confident than I am which is going to make him more prepared to go out into the world faster. I feel like I want the next year and a half to build my own confidence and improve my people skills before I can have that same confidence in my intelligence. Terry is just so shamelessly sure of himself about everything, which can be frustrating to me because even if it is clear that I am equally as intelligent as he is he always feels he's got the upper hand somehow-- this is where my rivalry with him stems from and I enjoy it.

Let's see what else... Oh, I met this really cute guy today just out of the blue. After money and banking I'd gone to the surc to study for an hour and got hungry. I bought this $5 chicken bowl thing (Alright I might be exaggerating just a bit, but "Pan Asia" sweet and sour chicken was nooo bueno. It was so rich and dense, I could barely eat any of it) and sat across from this guy who looked like he was studying. I was originally planning on studying too before I realized that eating this messy chicken bowl and studying wasn't possible so we ended up talking. His name is Nathan, he's tall and athletic, plays bass and likes the band Alter Bridge (which is PROG.... just imagine what other bands he's into ha ha ha)....

He's now got my number and we're facebook friends. Who knows maybe we'll never talk again but that was still nice to meet someone today.

Uhh, yeah did lots of studying today and redid the assignment for Sipic's class from the lovely 5/15 score to a respectable 14. Freaked out about nothing.

I'm trying to join the archery club.

Solid hour of guitar tonight too, on top of everything else. Fantastic day, hope I'm not completely exhausted tomorrow.


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