Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Icing addict

Hey, it's 12:02 in the morning.

I really should be sleeping right now but I drank a grande coffee about two hours ago. My friend Randy and I had a plan to study Money and banking in the library but after studying for three hours this morning for my managerial test, plus taking the test itself... My motivation wasn't really there this evening, I had to relax. So I ended up meditating for about an hour.. probably dozed off a couple times but set a couple alarms to make sure I'd wake up in 30 minute increments or so. I knew I had to meet Randy at the library at 8'.. I texted him at about 7:35 saying that I'm "superrrr tired" and he offered to come pick me up! I really appreciated that...

I was also hungry... and there's not much to eat in my house right now because I've been so busy with studying I literally have not had time to do anything. Not even play guitar. Any time spent these past two days that wasn't spent preparing food, cleaning or otherwise taking care of myself was spent studying. I barely even went on facebook today which made me pretty proud of myself... sometimes that can create such a waste of time.

...Anyway Randy and I drove over to Arbys, which as you guys know is my favorite fast food place, mainly because of the cherry turnovers being so f**king heavenly but rarely ever actually available. I love that icing on top.... Come to think of it I've been eating a lot of foods with icing on it lately. Like the other day my mom came up and we had Dominoes and I got those cinnamon sticks with icing... Then I've got these weird oatmeal "whole grain" poptarts that have crunchy icing on top.

They're called "Oatmeal Delights." I got some strawberry ones at Bargain market.... for a Bargain, ha ha durrrr
No but seriously they are quite good. 

The managerial test was not as hard as I'd expected it... Granted I say this but could be eating my words when they get handed back to us but I will say that it was more understandable for me than the last test because this one relied more on formulas and finding outputs then theory.

I have my money and banking true/false quiz tomorrow. I'm *planning* to get up early in about 6 hours to squeeze some last minute reading for that in as well because I've been neglecting my other subjects almost every day since last Thursday. Studying with Randy this evening was probably pretty frustrating for him because I was *super* ADHD for some reason.. Like there was this guy listening to a song that I knew by Dream theater SUPER loud on the computer. Or maybe it was Megadeth, I don't know, it frustrates me because I knew what the song was and when I heard the solo started like jamming out to it in my seat and singing along with it....

Ha ha I've started doing this a lot lately, like I'll start "singing in guitar" without realizing it if I get a riff going through my head out or like today when I heard a solo through someone's muffled headphones. GOD I love guitar... 

Night folks


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