Saturday, October 5, 2013

People and their lack of ability to follow through with plans...

Wiley S. had asked if I wanted to drink this weekend and I was like sure, let's do it! You know honestly I haven't drank since I moved here and last night I actually felt like having a good time, whatever.. Friday comes around, I had been messaging Wiley about this and he had made no indication that these plans weren't happening. At around 8 pm I sent him a text like, "Dude were you still planning on coming up here?" and he's like "Sorry no I bought a gun instead." Alrighty. Wish I would have known that sooner so I could have at least attempted to make other plans this weekend-- Usually Friday is my reserved day for messing around if I'm going to.

I ended up going to Happy's and picking up a quart of Corona anyway.

I saw Kevin P. there and he was like "Why am I not surprised to see you buying alcohol?" I'm like "What? This is the first time I've drank..." and then some other people standing next to him were like "Wow Kevin do you know anybody who doesn't drink a lot in Ellensburg?" I was like what the f*^&, why do people always get on my case when I drink when I never do.... I always feel weird and guilty when I drink at all, and it doesn't help that people always act like it's an enormous deal.

So  yeah, normal Friday night. Abe texted me at 11 pm-- by which time I had taken off my makeup and drank almost the whole quart, asking me if I wanted to meet him and his friends down at the bars to get messed up. Ugh! No, obviously I couldn't drive and had just taken my makeup off and gotten ready for bed,  I was just like, damn it I guess not tonight.

In retrospect I did study and clean up my house quite a bit yesterday so that's always a good thing. I'm gonna have to do my laundry here soon. My shirts, underwear and bras are completely disorganized in my drawers upstairs and I have been too lazy to fix it.

Tomorrow Terry is coming over to study for the econ test. I'm planning on doing a lot of studying tonight beforehand to make sure I can 1 up him on everything, ha ha ha...... and of course get a better score on the quiz on Monday. Now that Terry and I sit next to eachother there's no way he can avoid showing me his score and visa versa, so for both of us the stakes are really high to not screw up. 

Our "relationship" has gotten so fun, I'm actually pretty excited to have him come over tomorrow because things will be a lot better now that I don't have that awkward roommate situation. We can sit out in the living room instead of being confined to hanging out in my bedroom (ugh, awkward....). 

Alright it's 9:30 pm. Got some caffeine in my system, ready to go. 


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