Sunday, February 24, 2013

..Flat. Out. Not talking to me now...?

Today's been uneventful.

Though successful enough I suppose. After I get done writing I'm going to do none other than (drumroll) play guitar and watch NETFLIX! Wooo!! Yeah I really haven't played much guitar today, nor did I study econ like I'd intended. I did study about an hour friday and saturday though so it makes up for it I suppose. 

As hard as this is to admit to you guys because I hate seeming like I need a man for anything... I've really had a hard time focusing today because I've been thinking about Abe. We haven't hung out together in two weeks. Caring this much about seeing him is a good sign... for Abe, that is if he actually wants to continue spending time together or not. I feel like he's barely been texting me because he doesn't know when to break it to me or something if he's not interested. We just haven't been texting hardly at all. He either doesn't respond to my texts or takes hours to reply. For said reason, and the fact that we haven't hung out for weeks, makes me think he's reconsidering spending time with me. 

I have three weeks left of classes before finals week. I'm so happy that I do not have a final in econ or in finite. The only final for English that I'm aware of is my research paper that I'm doing on exotic animal ownership and how it should be illegal in all states. I'm HOPING I'll be able to find recent articles on the issue. I need at least 2 that were published in 2013. That's only 2 months of articles. 

So I might even be lucky enough to get an extra week of spring break if I don't have any finals! That would be sick, I'm excited to get all my shiz packed and go home. 


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  1. i hope we can hang out sometime when you're back! i miss you!


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