Friday, February 15, 2013

RadCon tomorrow, stress free and relaxed.


 I'm excited because RadCon is tomorrow! Well, technically it started today, and I really could have gone had I planned earlier. I plan to go home tomorrow morning. Originally I was planning to leave this evening because I thought Abe and I were hanging out but he ended up going home. He's going to go snowboarding this weekend. It wasn't a flakiness situation, and in all fairness we hung out yesterday so it doesn't matter.

Lol. I ended up having a very nice valentines day, actually.

Abe came over after he got out of his chemistry lab. I was so flattered, he got me a rose and chocolates. Ha ha I drank a monster that evening and had the weird idea to cut the rose and stick it in the can. I can get a little weird when I'm home alone. 

Uhm yes, Kirsten and I have not talked for a week. Woops. I give up guys, ha ha. It was so funny, I talked to Samantha on the phone earlier and when I told her I hadn't talked to my roomate in a week she's like "WHAT?" But luckily it hasn't affected me what-so-ever because she never really talks to me anyway. Like we have zero communication unless I talk to her first. To prove this point this week I saw if I didn't talk to her at all if she would talk to me. She didn't. The only time we talked is when I told her I was buying butter at the store. 

I can understand why she might not like me. I haven't been the absolute friendliest, I've had people over, practiced guitar for hours on end... etc. Speaking of which I might as well play once more. I invited this one girl named Ashley over that I'd met at a party I'd been to with Abe. I haven't gotten a response from her on it yet, but I'd really like it if she did come hang out with me. Tomorrow I'm going home, gonna see Katelynn and go to radcon-- hopefully have a blast. I'm going to make it a blast regardless of the circumstances. 

No stressing out about stupid shit for me anymore. I've grown to appreciate the time I get to spend not studying and try to have fun. I've grown to relax a lot more and I feel myself starting to enjoy my life again. For awhile there I was so depressed but many things have changed and my mood feels elevated. 

I had a good week academically too. I studied econ for a good chunk of time twice and figured out the material for my finite math class. I think I did okay on the test today and I thought I was going to bomb it because I literally didn't get the material until last night. 

Four more weeks of classes people! Until finals week that is. I don't think I'm going to have any finals this quarter. I have a research paper to do for my English class. I am also very pleased that I completed my synthesis last night without problems. Hardly anyone was in class today for peer reviews but me and the Mormon guy that sits in front of me got through it no problem and got checked off for full credit. I now have to think about a controversial issue to write about for my research paper. Because I had no trouble writing my last persuasive paper, the research paper shouldn't be that difficult.  

Yeah, Ashley went home this weekend, too. Nothing was meant to happen tonight for some reason. Maybe I should go to bed early and get a really solid night sleep because tomorrow is going to be so hectic. I'm going to leave early tomorrow morning. I plan on hanging out with Katelynn during the day then going to Radcon at about 3 or 4'. That will give me enough time to see everyone, hang out, yadda yadda.

Alrighty goodnight everyone.


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