Sunday, February 10, 2013

Chinese New Year

I feel an overwhelming sense of happiness and contentment today. Yesterday was such a grand day and even if today's starting out kind of slow because I have to get a little work done today feels like a fine day to be alive.

Yesterday was the Chinese New Years Eve! My friend Wei invited me to come help with making jiaozi and celebrate with the other Chinese graduate students. I was so flattered to be invited. I actually showed up at the multi-purpose room a half an hour before he did so it was slightly awkward initially. They were very friendly and forthcoming though, I felt very welcome to enjoy the experience. 

New Years is a huge holiday in China. Wei told me that in Chinese mythology at the end of the year an evil energy (or a demon, I can't remember) resides in the world and on New Year fireworks are launched in the air and loud drums are banged on to scare away that bad energy and begin with a fresh start. Wei also told me about the city of Beijing where you can see the Forbidden city, the Ming dynasty's tomb and eat traditional Chinese food at the restaurants. I've decided that if I were to go to China, I'd want to tour Beijing. I have no interest in Shanghai because it's just a huge city and I feel that would be overwhelming. 

I mean I know being in China in general would be a paranormal experience for me. It would take a lot of courage for me to go into another country, but I definitely intend to do so someday. 

Wei also showed me some very sweet videos and pictures of his family back home. He has a wife and a three year old daughter, she's so cute! 

Last night was also fun because I went to a party at Bruce's house. Met quite a few chill people, drank some hard apple cidar, had a wonderful time. I did get pretty drunk though surprisingly enough didn't get sick today. I suck at Kings Cup. Honestly I suck at all drinking games. 

lol, lovely. Yeah it was a great day overall-- even got some studying in and played my guitar for two hours, and I feel great


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