Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Good luck came to me!! My new business!

Hmm, my sleeping schedule is currently a little out of balance. A couple days ago Abe and I hung out and we stayed up really late and since then I've been drinking coffee in the late afternoon and even took a nap today. I feel like it will benefit me tonight when I start studying.

My guitar practicing is done. I did a solid hour and a half, 40 minutes of which was on guitar pro itself because things have gotten a bit more serious since I've last written.

I am now a teacher!!!

You guys might remember when I wanted to have my own guitar teaching business here at school and felt discouraged and gave it up by my birthday after not getting any response to my flyers and had fixed up all the supplies (manila folders, handouts, etc...) and they had just been sitting there for the past few months. Yesterday I met up with Bruce and asked if he wanted to have his first guitar lesson. Bam, not only does he get his first free lesson but his friend checked out his status and I was able to give him the free introductory lesson as well. I think there is a good chance they will continue to be students with me. 

This is Hassan. He is a Saudi Arabian. I had watched a documentary about Saudi Arabia recently and I told him at first that I did not know about the country (which I really did think before I'd remembered I'd watched the documentary). Then I remembered that Saudi Arabia controls a great amount of oil in the world, they're a very rich country, and that many woman are Muslim and choose to wear the niqab and/or abaya. Apparently this was enough to impress someone of their knowledge of Saudi Arabia, even though I had not even known the people there speak Arabic. 

Anyway he's going to be a great student, he listened very carefully to everything I had to say, put in really good effort with alternate picking, and he even texted me a question today so he's practicing. I am also giving my friend Bruce lessons but he will not be able to obtain his guitar until this Wednesday. Once he starts I have a very high amount of confidence that he's going to excel on the guitar as well. 

Alright I have homework to do.. it's getting late and I haven't done any. 


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  1. congrats on becoming a teacher! i feel even more kinship with you now XP


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