Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Little enlightenment from king of the hill.

Propane at Mega-lo Mart? YOU BASTARDS!

I hadn't watched Death of a propane salesman before for some reason. It's the second episode to a two-part story, the first part being the last episode of Season 2. Anyway there was something really enlightening that Kahn said in this episode. He told a story during Buckley's funeral that went sort of like this:

Once there was a man that was running through the forest being chased by a tiger. The tiger cornered him to a cliff which he then slipped off and tumbled down to a branch where he clung for his life. He looked down and saw another tiger at the bottom of cliff. He knew there was no escape and he would die weather he climbed back up or slipped back down. When he looked in front of him he saw a strawberry. He reached out and ate it, and it was the greatest strawberry he'd ever tasted.

Okay, this didn't make sense to me at first but after watching the episode I realized what it meant. It basically means that whether you look back or look forward you're going to die someday, but if you look at what's in front of you and enjoy life that's the best thing you can do.

This was sort of enlightening to me. As you guys know, I have a tendency to stress out quite a bit. Fear can be overwhelming at times and confronting your own personal fear of death can be comforting. I feel like everyone fears it in one way or another but try to push the thought aside as much as possible. It's enlightening things like this that can help you confront how you feel.

I've learned a lot of good mind flexibility techniques at this counselling session called Pathways that I got a lot out of. It's helped me think a lot more positively so things have been improving here from a day to day basis. Just at the beginning of January I was feeling extremely negative like things weren't going to change here but gradually I've been making changes to lower the amount of stress in my life, regardless of the circumstances.

I'm excited to say that there's officially just a month left in classes. The official last day of class is on the 8th which is a little more than a month away. I'm not going to have finals in my Finite math class or my economics class (that is unless I completely bomb an economics test and want to take the redemption final which I'm hoping I won't have to do if I continue to work hard at it). My finite math class I definitely won't have a final because I've been one of the study group leaders.

English has become the biggest pain this quarter because in some ways it's taken me a little while to get back into the swing of writing/reading a lot which is going to be nice when it's over. I've got quite a bit of work to do for that class-- I'm completely rewriting that critique paper. The first time I did it to that awful politics article was a complete fail. I read a couple other students papers in class and realized what exactly the assignment was asking for and felt kind of stupid. I've decided to change articles to one I know more about. I didn't know we were allowed to use the article because I haven't been paying attention in class very well. She must of mentioned it like 3 times but my mind was just out of it last week and I didn't care. As you guys know, Monday of last week I hadn't slept all night and Tuesday night was spent throwing up from that stomach flu garbage. I got two hours of sleep, hadn't slept a solid night in over 48 hours... That and not eating takes a tole on your psyche, last week wasn't my best.

This morning I felt like I had a bit of a cold. I'm getting really tired so I'm going to go to bed.


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