Monday, July 16, 2012

Raw fish is icky.

Things make a little bit more sense now.

I don't want to say that I trust Jack necessarily but I can *kind of* see why he's been blowing me off. Yesterday we were texting eachother, probably after he saw my new California pictures or something, I don't know.. ANYWAAY, a couple days ago in the evening he sent:

"It's so boring in Ellensburg!"

And I'm like, "Don't tell me that when I'm moving there."

"WHAT I thought you were going to Western!"
(okay that's not direct quotations because I wouldn't post people's texts on my blog but you get the point)

So yeah, he had no idea I was going to Central at all. I only told him once, when he was drunk. He completely forgot what I'd told him so up until two days ago he had no idea I was going to be studying in the exact same building he will be next year. I'm now a little more forgiving of the way he's acted toward me. If I was in his shoes I probably wouldn't have been so quick to make plans with someone that's moving eight hours away in two months. 

I'm such a troll. I went through some of his pics and "liked" three pictures, none of which actually had him in them. Like I "liked" this lame lacrosse picture that was super far away and mainly showed a cloud.

I also commented on the old sushi picture from 2009. That's so disgusting that we ate raw fish from the stores in the tri-cities. I could NEVER do that now. 

The ball is really in his court now. He knows that I'm going there, take it or leave it. If he leaves it, I'm fine here because I'm kind of interested in someone else. It's been awhile since I've liked anyone else but I've been so painfully patient with Jack . . . 

I'm not going to say any names on the other person that I'm sort of interested in. It's not much business of this blog because this guy seems very private. Plus, he just broke up with his girlfriend that he was with for quite awhile and that's a potential eggshell situation so I'm choosing to keep my distance. 

Tricia and Dylan are so fun to hang with, I was at there house last night. I won't go into too much detail but we did watch Adventure time this morning. That show is freaking hilarious, it always blows me away what they can get away with. It reminds me a lot of Spongebob. Tricia is really chill and sweet. They're both really quiet though so I have to be careful not to be loud and forward like I always am. Me and Dylan got in an argument about Dream Theater. He said John Petrucci is a pretentious asshole. I'm sure he is, I wouldn't doubt for a second.

But he's a guitar God and I love they're music so it doesn't matter much to me.

alrighty I'm gonna peace out. 

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