Friday, July 6, 2012

Fat kids trotting around with explosives

Tonight I decided to start learning Creeping Death by Metallica.

It's not necessarily their most popular song but I heard it in the car today and decided it'd be a fun one to try out. I'd still be practicing now if my arm didn't cramp up after 10 minutes of fiddling around with the intro. That's probably a good sign I should give my arm a rest for a minute so I'll write.

Hmm, work was okay. I was sort of anxious because I thought we were leaving for California tonight when in actuality we're leaving tomorrow at some point. That's fine with me now that I realize how unprepared I am. There really is a lot of random little things that I have to remember throughout my day and don't want to forget anything that could cause me stress on the trip without it.

My Dad gave me a few hundred dollars to make up for the school payment as well as the work on the farm. Technically this also paid for the $40 for half of guitar lessons too. I was shocked and thrilled, and of course extremely happy to get this money. I feel much more relaxed about the trip now. On top of that, I get paid next Thursday.

You know what I've been thinking? Maybe someday I'll actually give guitar lessons myself to make some extra money. I'd have to get a lot better, though. But I think I've been making some major progress lately and new material is coming a lot easier so it's a goal that seems more realistic now.


Fourth of July went very well! I had a lot of fun hanging out with Katelynn and Alan over here until we went to the firework show at 8:30 pm or so. I didn't go there to mingle around with people much, though I did see Tucker G. and he ended up sitting with us when he lost his group. The firework show was really pretty and Benton City did a good job, they got a really big turnout too.

God, I could not help but notice the amount of obese children lately. I couldn't believe it, it seemed like every other child was fat.. and not just fat, but obese; not good. It seems to be a big problem in the Hispanic culture but I see it in the white culture a lot too.. it just seems to get more out of hand. I think the reason for the weight problem comes from different reasons, however.

In white culture I feel a lot of childhood obesity has to do with laziness. Parents just don't want to cook for their kids so they're fine with serving soda, fast food, or maybe if they're feeling like putting in a *little* effort some Mac and Cheese or Top Ramen. These foods have little nutrients at all and have a huge amount of sodium and fat.

I feel that in Hispanic culture, though the family is getting fed plenty of fresh, homecooked food, the way that some of the food is being prepared is so atrocious for you that it leads to problems. I don't know, it's weird that they seem to all have very similar diets in their family lives but only certain members of families will get really overweight from it and others won't at all. It's a bad, generalized view.

ANYWAY! Dylan N. and his girlfriend Patricia met up with us. So it was two couples and me. I swore to God last year I wouldn't spend another f'ing 4th of July without someone to sit next to but that failed me but last night I REALLY meant it. It was tough being there with two couples but at the same time it couldn't have been two better couples in the world for this situation. Katelynn and Alan are fine, I don't care, Alan kind of feels like a brother to me already, I don't mind having him around what so ever.

Dylan and Patricia are ALSO really freaking cool. As you might recall, Dylan is the guy I met in my Accounting 201 class. He didn't do so hot so I'd help him out here and there. His girlfriend though is the sweetest thing. I expected her personality to be cold and rude toward me because I thought maybe she'd dislike the fact that Dylan had hung out with me before but it was the total opposite. She actually invited me over to there place.

Originally last night I was planning to go to Shawn and Samantha's House but by this time had come my Dad was lighting off these horrendously loud fireworks in our front yard that was making me feel panicked and irritable. I didn't really want to go to any high energy situations, and it sounded like there was going to be a party over at House and I imagined Tyler B. being really loud and crazy and I decided to just hang out at Dylan's instead. I'm sure Samantha isn't angry about it, I'm sure her and Shawn had a great time together and everything worked out fine. I haven't been able to get ahold of her or anyone else because my phone is off and I feel weird bringing it up on facebook.

Anyway I gotta go, probably gonna be up until 2 am playing tonight. I need to make up for major lost time.


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