Saturday, July 7, 2012

Guess what everyone? I'm in California. Hurray!

There's a really pretty riff in Bleakwater Park by Opeth that I'd like to learn. Around 3:30 in the song it starts to play. Seems doable, even if Opeth has a tendency to be extremely tricky.

My Grandma lives in a small house with little privacy, really. It's very much my Grandmother's style, the light floral patterns and the French style decor.. She seems really happy here and we're super thrilled she now has her own place. She has no real desire to share her place with anyone else, it's the perfect size for my Grandma. We all kind of feel like we're in eachother's hair but we'll have to make the most of it.

I slept almost the entire car ride. I took three motion sickness pills and was out like a light for nearly all of the 16 hours we spent driving. Any time that  I wasn't sleeping I was playing my guitar. I didn't need much else.. but I felt really crabby because I have been experiencing cramps for days. I don't know if the cramps are actually from... *that* or because of stress.

Everything has been going well for the most part here though. As embarrising as it was at times I was able to play in front of my Grandma, aunt and Mom on this really nice amp that this guy is lending my Grandma. He said it's cheep and that he rarely uses it and I hope maybe I can buy it from him. It's so compact and has a powerful sound.

We feel extremely welcome here, the whole place is simple and peaceful and I'm really excited to see everyone. I saw Mandy for the first time in a couple years tonight. She seems a little tired.. She's going to bring Aiden over tomorrow. He's four and I'm super stoked to see him. Zoey is 15... I think, around there. She's coming over at some point tomorrow as well I'm sure.

Here's me in my Grandma's music and computer room. I plan to spend a lot of time in here. Having a new practice environment is good for me, and I might start messing with the acoustic more often. I need to learn more things and stick to what I'm doing until I've got it nailed.

I think I should learn some Perfect Circle. Their music literally never gets old. Perfect Circle and Tool has a certain quality about it that makes it withstand the arms of time. I should try to master it some Tool music on acoustic like Mitch did.

I'm excited for what's to come tomorrow. But for now I'm going to bed.


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