Friday, July 20, 2012

Batman Premier!

Yesterday was great because after work I saw the midnight premier of the new Batman movie with Trisha and Dylan. We went to the Pasco theater and it was really crowded, all of the screens were playing the same thing, it was a big deal. I saw a few people that I knew, like Jared and his friend Juan. Trisha had actually bought my ticket for me a week ago when they'd invited me.

I got a fever last night because of stress and exhaustion. I've been out a lot, spending time with people and had a great time for a few days. I should probably stay home for awhile, I spent a good chunk of my last paycheck being out so much. I'm always using too much gasoline because it's so expensive to drive back and forth from Benton city.

That is something I will NOT miss. When I did talk to Jack he actually made a pretty good point that eased my stress about leaving for school.

"You will eat, sleep, and shit where you go to school. You have way more time on your hands than you know what to do with and have to join things to fill your time..."

That's basically what he said. That's so true, though, now that I think about it. I need to start looking for a job up there because it's going to be way more competitive once I get up there. I don't even know if I want a job from the get go and maybe should just focus on my studies for my first quarter there. But having NO income scares the living crap out of me so I need to get on the ball immediately. Just 15-20 hours a week is still all I'd need.

It's 8:32 pm and I've had zero motivation to practice guitar. I stayed up so late last night that I thought for sure I'd wake up with a horrible fever but I didn't after sleeping in until 11 or so. Dylan and Trisha are so laid back and cool to hang out with, it's all good. I've got a lot of awesome friends.

I can't find any of my claytons. I'm always leaving them places because I'm always carting my guitar around.. either to jam with someone or for lessons or I have to take it out of my car because it's too hot.


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