Thursday, May 12, 2011

THE FINAL PLAN. Here it is 1 day away, but we've finally got this shit figured out. :)

Happy Thursday!

An especially happy Thursday because the SYSTEM OF A DOWN CONCERT IS THIS WEEKEND, OMG. I'm so excited!! I don't know if I've mentioned this on here yet but I'm going just with Katelynn, which I think makes the most sense and we're going to have a total blast. She's getting a free ticket out of it, and in exchange she is hooking us up with a place to stay for the night after the concert. So it's all worked out nicely.

Honestly I was getting a little bit nervous of how this is all going to work out. I mean at first I thought I'd be going with Sean, who now REALLY dislikes me-- so obviously THAT didn't work out. Then I thought I'd be going with this random guy Josh Murray that I met on the internet, but I was so afraid of another Michael situation that I got out of that because the last thing I want is another obnoxious experience in Seattle. THEN I thought Shelden could go with us because he likes System... uh, kind of, he used to like them in highschool. But then shortly after I invited him it turned out JON couldn't go so I'm like... Wow, okay, why not just go with Katelynn? I mean that's what I wanted originally, but the original plan was that Katelynn would be taking Jon up there for his birthday, and they'd walk around the city while the concert was going on. But since Jon got a job, he now can't go so it's just gonna be me and my best friend so it's gonna be even more amazing. SO THAT IS THE PLAN*.

 Zach, one of Katelynn's friends from childhood. Though I've never had any extended conversation or interaction with him, he creeps me out. And I feel bad because I think I'm being judgemental.
*Honestly, the only potential variables now is what time we're planning on leaving, and if we really are going to stay with Zach. I don't really know him, though the first time I had an encounter with him I was extremely skeeved out. Which is weird. I mean, two of my really good friends are gay-- one of which being pretty flamboyant. The difference between Nathan and this Zach kid though is that Nathan doesn't wear makeup and doesn't do hard drugs. So it's more the drugs thing that bothers me than the "Gay" thing. Because obviously, I do get along well with most gay guys-- they tend to be better friends than girls are. But, that doesn't change the fact that this kid creeps me out... and I can't seem to figure out why.. I imagine there are going to be enough people there that it's not going to be a big deal. Maybe I'm being judgemental. Maybe I'm being a bitch. I should really try to be open minded on this one.

The fact of the matter is, KATELYNN DEALT WITH MICHAEL AND REFRAINED FROM RIPPING HIS HEAD OFF (which I know was hard for her when he continued to slap my ass and disrespect me). I OWE her one, big time.

School is getting harder. I know that there are going to be a lot of challenges here in the last few weeks, and I just have to keep up with it and continue to study and do the homework every day. Math is starting to get into stupid geometry. I fucking hate geometry because I'm terrible at it. Hopefully there is only going to be one unit on it.
I need to study Japanese for four hours today. Why? Because in today's speaking activity with Hannah I completely bombed the short form stuff, and it's been like this for a few days now. I really have to step it up with this grammar. It's yet to click yet. Though I feel with just a few more hours, it'll really click, and with that last one hour, it'll solidifty and will be second nature. : ) So I better get started.

Today something caught my interest, but it is too early to even talk about it.


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