Monday, May 16, 2011

French maid? :p

We got our math tests back, and it irritates me that two of the three that I missed were wrong because I didn't pay attention to the < and > signs. It's funny, I wasn't good at those in elementary school either, and using them in equations is just as bad as when I was a little kid going, "So... what does the aligator eat? The smaller number? OKAY!" I remember I almost failed the 2nd grade because they thought I thought that 2 > 3 (two is greater than three..). That was the teacher's fault though, stupid metaphors.

The last couple days since I got back from the System concert have flown by, and now it's back to the old grind. It's funny, now that THAT is over, I have to think about other things that I need to save for.

I want to go to Kuro Neko con this year, and I am intending on wearing a french maid costume so I can volunteer in the maid cafe thing. The only thing that concerns me about this is that Sophie Dituri (Jed's girlfriend) probably hates me because of the Sakura Con trip experience. I never really insulted Sophie or Mikayla, the only one that I've really insulted was Alberto because he talked shit about me WAY after the event was said and done. But, because Sophie/Jed/Mikayla are Alberto's best friends, obviously they're going to dislike me as well. I might not volunteer just to avoid drama, but it would be fun.

So yeah, I need to start saving for a costume and the trip itself. It's in July, and will probably be my next big purchase. I'd also like to get a haircut and some new acrylics soon, so I'm going to list more stuff on ebay.

Robert is sitting next to me. This is the first time I've seen him in months. He looks the same, lol. It's really sad that we hardly ever talk anymore, but that's just how it goes. He has a practically full time job, plus school, plus a girlfriend. That adds up. I have a busy life too.

Tomorrow I have a kanji test, and I originally came in here to study for it but obviously that hasn't worked out so far. I'm intending on studying more when I get home. Kanji is a pain in the ass, but I really enjoyed Japanese today. Seems like I'm really getting the hang of short form. Tonight my goal is to study at least 2 hours.


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