Monday, January 5, 2015

I told you I'd get back to you.

Hello again. It's been a long few days.

On January 1st, the last night I had to spend with Travis, I got quite drunk. And I don't mean "Talking loud, wanting to watch something stupid on TV, semi-functional drunk..." I was full on wasted, like could barely get out of my bed and across my messy room and up the stairs to go to the bathroom because my legs were so floppy and uncoordinated. The next morning I figured I'd be doing some light packing but not the majority of it but come to find out at 10 am the next morning my mom had other plans.

I mean in retrospect, thank God we started packing on the 2nd because my mom and I spent until about 3 pm packing on the 3rd which was supposed to just be unloading day according to her. The actual unloading into the house was a bit of a struggle because of this strange stairway that leads to the basement, but it's so pretty down here I can barely complain. I'm still waiting to be completely done unpacking before I do a great unveil on here and facebook.

Being at this new place of my own I have so much new energy. Because I have a ton of storage my life is once again clutter free and I feel so much more happy and relaxed. Having my own supply of food, knowing where everything is and not having to fight with my family's (primarily Dad's) mass amount of clutter and crap that would flood into that basement on a regular basis.

It makes me happy because it makes me realize there's really nothing wrong with me in regards to organization and keeping my environment clean. It's just when I'm in an environment where I feel like other people's interference is making it to hard to handle I crack and do nothing. Allow it to become a mess, not give a shit and look forward to the next time I'm leaving. Isn't that sad? Makes me glad as F*ck I don't have a husband or kid to take care of.


OH. My sister got engaged to Jimmy last month! Ha ha, like nobody predicted that one. Still I'm very happy to see she'll be marrying the man she loves. They've got such a stable relationship and life, I feel safe with Jimmy. I feel like he's not someone that would ever cheat or have major problems that would complicate or even be detrimental to my sister's self-worth.

According to my Dad, Avery has hardly any plans of going to college anytime soon. Which is understandable considering she's pretty much a master at her trade-- coffee making. And she's known virtually all over the tri cities because of her regular customers that always yell "Avery! Avery!" when they see her places. She's like made her own fanbase.

Another great thing about Roasters is that they're a sole proprietorship now but they've expanded very significantly in the area since openning. If they were to ever switch to being a publicly traded entity my sister would undoubtedly get the best stock options for her and Jimmy's loyalty to the company.

Okay that's it for now. School starts tomorrow and I'm really, really pumped up for it. Gonna work out a little, maybe do a tiny bit more art, then go to bed.. I actually got up at a decent hour this morning because I was expecting to have a Dr.'s appointment but it was cancelled because Zirk was sick. Poor guy. It's cool, I'm looking forward to getting a chance to talk to him tomorrow, get three months prescription and finally make the necessary steps to cut back my smoking dramatically for school. It was pretty impossible when I didn't have the resources to do it before because the meds I needed were for some reason unavailable for the past two weeks. Whatever.

Get it all squared tomorrow and have them transfer the prescription up here to Rite Aid. I'm not worried about much because my Dad dropped a few hundred in my account today and I have all the food I'll need for at least a week and a half for only $100. Thanks Bargain Market. God, another thing I missed. Even if they sometimes don't have everything they have a sh*t ton of good stuff, cheap. 

Like today I scored 4 pomagranites for $5. Okay you don't care, lol, bye.


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