Sunday, January 18, 2015

DAMN Steve Jobs was a hottie.

I finally finished the 3 hour documentary "Revenge of the Nerds" about the computer revolution that we were supposed to have watched in it's entirety by the 8th (not that I'm sure more than half my class hadn't also completed it considering there hasn't been an assignment due yet). I made sure to take really good notes on the 1995 film because there were going to be test questions about it and it's going to be "open note." It was a really interesting 3 part documentary... it's unbelievable how much Steve Jobs and Bill Gates along with many, many other "computer nerds" that emerged from the 1970's hippie movement have impacted the world we live in today.

Steve Jobs was like this sexy, brilliant, charismatic force determined to change the world even if he had to steal other companies ideas to make his own product work. His manipulative skills were so strong he was able to hire a Pepsi CEO to run his company while he was busy directing his engineers mercilessly. This merciless behavior ended up being his downfall when his own CEO and board of directors selected by Jobs turned against him and kicked him out of the company in the late 80's.

Then you have the young Bill Gates that was hired by the huge leading industry IBM. He was determined himself but didn't put nearly as much pressure on his fellow engineers at Microsoft.

The contrast between the two is kind of funny. But it was because of both of their determination and brilliance that computers are where they are today. Oh yeah, and the Xerox company who both Gates and Jobs stole the graphical interface idea from.... Yeah, the Xerox copy company could have been the hugest company in the world had they been more experienced in actual computer development.

When I heard Steve Jobs died I wondered what the big deal was. Now I know. He was the Apple corporation's heart and soul and developed the first version of the user-friendly graphic interface that we're all used to today. Of course Gates wasn't far behind making his own graphic interface on top of the clunky, hard to use "DOS" software of the late 80's. Their competition and unwillingness to give up on something was what drove the fast, incredible innovation of the PC in the past 30 years.

Okay nobody cares, lol.

It's 8:15 pm. I've been up working since about 3 pm. The day started late because Marshall drove me into complete panic when he didn't show up at my window this morning to be let back in. Let me back up...

Marshall, my baby, bless his little adventurous soul... had gotten really bored living here the past week. To the point that he was meowing at me at late hours of the night wanting to be let out but very shortly after I'd let him out he'd want to come back in because of the snow or insecurity about his environment. Like I'd let him out my bedroom window, he'd wander off for 15 minutes, and be back meowing to be let back in. So this just became the norm.

Last night my parents came to town and delivered me some nice new furniture for my living room-- including a futon that my Dad had disassembled to get down the stairs and this heavy ass mattress with an ugly pattern that I'd ordered online. Luckily my Mom, being the decorating genius she is, had already made pillows and a seat cover for my round chair and found a brand new futon cover at Goodwill for like $6 when they're normally QUITE expensive. I just lucked out, I really like my new living room and Travis is coming tomorrow and won't have to sleep on my twin sized bed.

Last night I read my finance chapter which I don't think I would have accomplished at my computer desk. The temptation to mess around online is just too much for me to get any reading done. At around 1 am when I finished reading I headed to bed and Marshall wanted to go outside so I let him out. I had put in earplugs assuming he was gonna immediately want to come back in and whine like always but he didn't.

I kept waking up throughout the night wondering where Marshall was. Like I'd sleep for 2 hours, have weird dreams, wake up, call for Marshall, go back to sleep.... This went on until about 9 am when I started getting worried. I got up and got dressed in my robe and sweats and went out to the icey back porch to call for him. When that didn't work I decided to search around my neighborhood a little bit and BAM! I slipped on the ice and biffed it on the pavement, really hurting my knee.That didn't stop me from getting up and looking for awhile. After calling "Marshall!" up and down the sidewalk for a little while, I went home, sad, and went back to bed. I called my Mom and she said not to worry.

I got out of bed at around 11 to search again. Nowhere to be found. I changed my cover photo and captioned it that he'd ran away again and I was panicked as hell. Kelly E. commented it pretty much relating to my feelings, she lovesss cats like I do and told me to keep her posted.

At around 3:00 I once again took to the streets to search for him, this time deciding to go door to door and ask if anyone has seen him. The first house I went to was a little old lady who lived next door. When she answered I asked her if she had seen a black tuxedo cat or one had tried to get in her house last night (something Marshall was known to do at the last apartment complex I lived at) and she said no. Low-and-behold, during this discussion I look down and see Marshall running toward our feet and sniffing this old lady like he wanted to go in her house. I was like "OMG that's him!!" and we both laughed really hard at the fact that Marshall was basically acting like he would go into her house if he had the chance.

I picked him up, relieved, but also frustrated that I'd wasted most of my day stressing out about him. He's done this crap before but since it was the first time it happened at this house with the busy road in front of us I couldn't help but be very concerned that something awful had happened. Nope. Just Marshall nonsense.

Alright guys I'm gonna go do some art.


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