Sunday, February 1, 2015

Dynamite start to this month.

I got a crazy amount of stuff done today and for that I'm proud of myself. I got up at around 10 am and uploaded a drawing of Johnell H., her fiance Justin and his daughter that I finished last night. I thought it turned out really good, definitely more realistic then some of my previous work. Yesterday I was very sick so I didn't bother to take a shower and barely got out of bed so getting this early start was nice.

I took a shower after I uploaded the picture and put away all of my drawing junk. I then started the long process of redoing my chapter 3 finance homework yet again to solidify the information in my mind as well as figure out the problems I'd gotten help from Tenerelli on. I was able to get through that pretty smoothly. I took breaks throughout the day to clean... I got my floors mopped, bathroom scrubbed down, and even did the laundry. All of course while watching Family Guy and tending to Marshall's crying every hour or so.

Here's a picture of Marshall and I that I took this morning. His face in this picture cracks me the hell up, he looks so peeved. I captioned it "Here's us not watching the Superbowl!" It was superbowl sunday and the Seahawks lost. Apparently there was a lot of unprofessional bullshit that happened like one of the hawks mooned the crowd and there was a fight that broke out on the field. You can't really blame them though. All that build up and leading almost all of the game by a small margin and then Patriots score in the last quarter to win the game.... But no, I didn't watch it, this was just information that came up on my newsfeed.

This week I have my first finance exam and I've still gotta read the 4th chapter for it. I plan on doing that tomorrow. I also need to submit an essay for my marketing class which I hope to god I didn't somehow miss the deadline for. I wasn't in class on Thursday because I went back to Benton city for a doctor's appointment that turned out to be a complete fail. Again. Apparently these last 3 weeks wasn't enough to get the THC completely out of my system and I tested positive once again.

Luckily though I was actually able to fill a past prescription that had only been half filled last time I was in. So that'll help me get by until I can actually pass a pee test and get the prescription I really need. The longer I'm away from marijuana the less I miss it. But part of me wishes it wasn't off limits to me completely on the days that I feel I "deserve" it for all the hard work I've done. But if I'm smoking during that time how much of that information will I actually retain?

That's why I'm going to continue to stay away from it entirely this month. At the end of the month I plan to once again return to the benton city clinic to take another pee test that'll hopefully come out clean. After two months there shouldn't be any reason it's still in my system. Of course I was semi-confident it'd be out of my system when I went in for an appointment this last Thursday. Ugh. Reminder to self, make an appointment for Wednesday afternoon next time so I don't have to miss my marketing class again. It's only the third week of classes and I've already missed twice. At least I did good on the first exam, 13/15.

I'm getting tired... I'll tty guys later!


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