Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Annoying log-in problems has made posting difficult.

Okay, I was finally able to merge my gmail accounts so that I can log in to my blog using my primary address. For some reason I'd still had it set to my hotmail account and couldn't remember the password. Anyway, you'll be seeing more posts from me from here on out. Finally.

Today is June 17th. The last week of school was incredibly stressful and moving back home was crazy. Joel and I ended on a rather shitty note and I'm just happy to be back home, even if in less than 24 hours I've successfully made both of my parents really mad at me.

Before I tell you guys why I'll talk a little about my last week of school.

The forecasting project that I thought I was more than ready for turned out to be the total pits. I can't tell you how many hours I spent trying to finish that thing. It was so frustrating because it didn't have to be that way if I had just picked a more predictable dataset in the first place. I originally tried forecasting propane sales by using this weekly data that had over a thousand observations and no obvious seasonality. I'd done about half of the project when Wassell told me the data needed to be seasonally adjusted before I could model it. The adjustment didn't help me and I decided to switch datasets altogether.

What made having to redo the project twice even harder was that Joel was already finished with his project and was able to study for the ETS exam with Logan the econ tutor that night. Joel ended up getting in the 96th percentile, which is fantastic. I got in the 86th which is better than I'd expected. If you look at the distribution curve on this exam there are more people in the 50th-60th range so I did better than 86% of other college econ kids across the country which I felt quite accomplished with.

Seeing that test score made me feel more confident in having made the right decision to be an economics major. It really proves that I learned a lot about business, the economy and scarcity instead of just regurgitated information for tests.

That night after my last exam I went out with my neighbors Gabby and Een for Een's birthday. He hadn't been out to the Ellensburg bars before so we tried to pick the best bars to avoid making him feel awkward (no 301, ha ha). We went to the Tav, Starlight and Shooters. We shared a pitcher at the Tav but the rest of the night I was drinking tequila, mainly because my mind was completely zonked after staying up all night to study for the ETS and tequila makes me feel awake and fun (ha ha). 

Going to the Shooters was the last time I saw Joel. He was surrounded by a couple trashy looking girls and I just stepped right between them and started talking. The girls kind of gave me a look and I just laughed in their face. Right, like your skinny ass in that tiny dress when it's 50 degrees outside and windy deserves my respect? Joel looked drunk but I offered to buy him a drink so I could close my tab. 

When I asked the bartender for a tequila+lemonade and a rum+diet he looked at Joel and was like, "It's not for him, is it?" I didn't say anything because I knew Joel had probably been ordering them all night and if I was smart should have ordered something else (or nothing for him at all). The bartender then looked at Joel, pointed at the door and said "Get out." and Joel starts arguing and asking why. The bartender just kept saying, "I don't need to tell you why. Get out." It was kind of embarrassing. I mean guys get kicked out of bars all the time but he always seems to go overboard. 

We didn't talk after that night. I'd tried to get ahold of him multiple times to see him one last time before I left but he ignored me completely. It made leaving Ellensburg a lot easier. I hate goodbyes in general so maybe it was better we ended this way.

So now I am home! Kind of feeling like a guest here because everything has changed so much, including no longer having my bedroom. I am under a lot of pressure to find a job, and I managed to get a four day gig working cherries for the Edwards but my first day I f*ed up big time. My stupid phone was on silent this morning so I didn't hear my alarm and didn't make it at 4 am like I should have. I lucked out because they didn't work today because of the rain but my parents were both humiliated and extremely mad that I would be so irresponsible. I don't blame them. 

I'm just hoping I can work hard and get back into the groove of things so I don't get yelled at like this every day.. it sucks


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