Friday, June 27, 2014

Bored ass friday night. (My Mom's out partying and I'm sitting at the computer lol)

Hi. Soo, my day was going relatively well until I made this idiotic decision to buy the direct download of the Sims 2 Seasons expansion from Amazon and accidentally ordered the Sims 3 version. There's $16 down the toilet for nothing. Tomorrow I've got to put the $60 cash I've been hanging onto in my wallet back into my debit card because I now have no clue how much is in there. ...Stupid, stupid... 

Hate wasting money.

I do have some really good news though! I got a job interview at Maverick. This guy Brad called and asked me a few questions like whether or not I've got a reliable source of transportation and how long I'll be sticking around and what not. Every time I've gone to Maverick the people that work there seemed really friendly so I'd be happy to get the chance to work there.

They're open 24 hours so I should get a good number of hours if I let them schedule me whenever. I'd be fine with that, I've been sleeping at weird times lately anyway and would like to have some kind of routine again even if it's night shifts. It's going to feel nice to finally make some money and buy lots of new clothes for my last quarter in college.

Andrew and I are gonna be GAY amd MERRY at the Sance faire tomorrow!! 

Today was pretty boring. I finished painting the benches in the backyard and played guitar. I've been doing quite a bit of that lately. I'm going to exercise after I finish writing this and probably go to bed considering it's 10:30 and I've got a fun day planned tomorrow! Andrew C. scored me a vendor pass to get into the renaissance faire so I'm very excited to be getting in free this year. The fair is always a blast. I love going anywhere that people are dressed up in costume and some are taking it really seriously, lol. I've got a gypsy costume my mom helped me put together today.

Oh jeez I did have something interesting happen the other day. Dalton and I hung out for the first time the other evening. I invited him and Darren over to chill for a bit and we all just talked while the TV was on. Darren M. has been in town from Texas and staying at Jon K. house (which I passed like 6 times when I was working out at the orchard).

Dalton's going into his Junior year of college so has taken some business credits like accounting 251 and 252 so I was quite impressed. We kind of both related on the fact that we thought accounting's boring but it was fun to learn at the time. Darren is in the military so he was telling us about that style of life and how you live according to certain protocol but still do get a lot of free time. He was dating a girl for quite awhile and they'd just broken up so he brought her up a lot. You can tell she's still on his mind and might have come to Washington to not think about it, who knows.

Anyway I'm gonna get going. Dance time!! woo


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