Tuesday, April 15, 2014

To shred... it's only emotion!!!

Damn, this quarter has taken steam and I have barely had time to write...

Last week I didn't study enough. Studying was on the backburner as I was getting prepared for the career fair on Thursday. My resume and cover letters turned out pretty good. I used the format from Carbaugh's textbook exactly and it looks professional-- Sipic even said so today when I caught him on the fly and gave him an EARFUL about how much of a nightmare my classes were this quarter so far.

It's so stupid. Yes my classes are difficult but the reason why I've been feeling overwhelmed is I still haven't been proactive enough about my studying. I realize now that in order to do well in these higher level classes I'm going to have to work harder than ever before. And not only "work hard", but work strategically to ensure I study the CORRECT material for the tests.

Finance to me is insanely hard, it's going to take a strength of 5 men for me to pass that class. My first test is next monday and I'm already doing flashcards of the formulas and have read the chapters multiple times... It's just very difficult for me to apply what I'm learning in the book so I have to keep doing practice problems and hope to God I can get help from my friends

My friend Bobby M. doing what he loves, shredding and having a great f&%king time on stage. 

Having a taste for a LOT of Pantera lately I had no problem getting down to some of that really hardcore, rage metal. Especially after a few drinks, lol. 

This weekend was a success. I went home to do laundry, get money, get my finance homework done and see THE DRIP. I also got a chance to do an awesome drawing of Laura S. that I'm going to upload tomorrow. I spent a solid few hours on Saturday studying finance and only managed to finish 6 out of the 29 homework problems before I had to start getting ready. I was confused because I kept getting answers on certain concepts wrong and couldn't get why. I planned to do the rest tomorrow.

So I went to Ray's Golden Lion at 9 when the show started and ordered myself a drink. I was really surprised to have not seen anyone I knew there for quite some time-- aside from Bobby and Brandon C. who are both in the band so they  mingling all over and setting stuff up. So in the meantime while the other bands were playing and setting up in between I had no problem throwing back a couple drinks and bullshitting with a couple random drunk guys.

Like most metal shows most of the audience was men. There were some dark looking chicks there; the only one I recognized was this girl named Catherine who's picture was HUGE on the A Sharp guitar page when she became their 300th fan or something. Being a student with A Sharp is starting to feel like a distant memory. The longer I've been on this Spring quarter roller coaster the more I feel the timing was right.

By the time THE DRIP played I had a pretty good buzz going and had a blast headbanging and getting beat up a little by the passing moshpitters. No I was not *IN* the mosh pit (as I'd love to be in a group of people punching and pushing the shit out of eachother when you're in that state of adrenaline...... But then I remember that I'm a petite 22 year old girl) but enough to leave some good bruises

I needed that release of adrenaline so bad. I just wanted to get out, get drunk and go wild. It worked, I'm glad I did... even if I woke up the next day with the most horrible migraine of my life and had to sleep in until 2 to fully recover from it.

Alright it's bed time.


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