Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Awkward Couch story

Wow, I would have to say this is my favorite drawing I've completed yet.
My second favorite is a tie between the drawing of Delegacy and Myth. 

The drawing of Myth that I did was actually one of my first I did. It's beginning to feel a little old considering the number of drawings I've completed since, but there's something I really love about this one (*which is why it's my page icon).

Speaking of which, I don't know if I'd previously mentioned on here, I made a page to upload my art. 


I figured it would be best to make a separate location where people can "like" my art without necessarily "liking" me. 

So it's getting late but you know what I'm dying to talk about, right? 

Kyle showed up to class today and talked to me this morning!! (yay!) ...It was funny, he did seem a little out of it. I'll write out of the conversation:
He's like, "Hey!! What did you do this weekend?"
Me: "Ehh not much, got a lot of work done, and jammed with my neighbors in the front yard.."
Then Kyle's like, "Woah, that's awesome! The weather was so nice this weekend and me and my buddies..." okay I think he said "made a firepit" or something but he could of meant BBQ'd..
Then get this, he outright tells me: "Man I'm sorry I'm kinda out of it, last night me we made this pie out of hash butter and lets just say I slept reaally good last night...." I can seriously just imagine the look on my face when he was telling me this... Pause. "So uh, what'd you do this weekend?"

I cracked up that he asked me twice but of course I didn't say anything because I didn't want to seem like some anal bitch. Carbaugh was telling the class to sit down anyway so the conversation ended. I still don't know Kyle's last name so I don't know anything about him. That's kind of fun, I'd like to say I'll keep facebook out of this as long as possible but if it allows me the opportunity to talk to him before I get my cell bill paid I might cave. 

We'll see. 

The awkward couch story: 

How could Michael G. possibly create 

Today I was really proactive about studying more R today and got together with Michael to go over some syntax alongside this military dude from class. His name is Devin, he just got accepted into the airforce. Seems like a smart enough dude. Anyway he, Michael and I were all sitting together side by side in the library with our laptops on this couch that's.... probably best suited for two people. And Michael kept on naming all of his variables these names like "dicks" and "cocks" and "butts". 

And referring to them out loud like, "Yes, now we are going to plot the residuals of cocks using the formula plot (dickslog$log.cocks,residuals....)" I was just cracking up even if it was the stupidest sh*t. Michael is great, period. 


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