Monday, March 31, 2014

Guess I don't fit with country folks

I swear people from Benton city have been deleting me on facebook in droves. It seems like anytime I get online to look for people to draw I notice a couple people that aren't my friend anymore and it's almost always someone I knew from highschool.. which makes sense, considering I've been out of highschool for 4 years and out of Benton city entirely for 2.

But do I still like to see what my classmates are up too nowdays? Absolutely. It's fun to see people starting families and moving off in their own directions. Most of the people that delete me were acquaintances in highschool that didn't go to college, so that could have something to do with it-- not that it's really anything to be jealous of. Sometimes I'm surprised to see the people that do have me on their friends lists or like my stuff when I once assumed that they didn't like me at all.

I don't know, I like facebook for many reasons, especially for finding photos to use as models for my sketchbook as well as the positive reinforcement I get for my work. But the friend deleting thing is such a lame if you didn't expect that person to delete you.

Like today I noticed Cortney C. deleted me. 

I always thought she was cool and pretty. She moved to benton city from Arizona during our junior year and I wanted to be friends with her. She's really country though so I guess we didn't connect on anything. Meh. But she's one of these people that used to come up on my newsfeed all the time so I used to like her stuff! It made me feel stupid for trying to be her friend in the first place. 

God, I'm starting to get really nervous about Marshall again. My friend Brad let him out this morning at about 7 am.. it's almost 3 pm and he's not home yet. Hes done this before so I'm not as panicked as the first time this happened. I'm not afraid that he doesn't know his way home anymore but where would he go for this many hours if he's not stuck in somebody's house? 

Ugh I can't think about it. 

School starts on Wednesday. I still haven't gotten my books yet but I plan to take care of it pronto. I might buy them when I go to the gym tonight. 


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