Monday, March 10, 2014

Coming down to the wire. And some tragic news.

Spring forward's a pain in the ass. You lose an hour of sleep and feel like the day is flying by that much faster. This wasn't good timing considering I've got two very important, make or break assignments in the next few days. I am going to use my time wisely toward the completion of my assignments. I have to not be tempted to spend time drawing or playing guitar, I'll have pleeeenty of time for that over Spring break. 

This week is the last week of class. Terry and I met up at the library to do the last econ homework assignment and he's like "Can you believe that? I'm sooo excited for this to be over, aren't you??.." The reminder of this made me feel more anxious than anything. I know that this next week and a half is going to be the most difficult because I sincerely want to finish strong and solidify what I learned this quarter. Doing well this next week and a half will give me the most ultimate sense of achievement which is something worth fighting for.

I have a management paper due on Tuesday at 12 pm and a economics test on Wednesday at 1 pm.

On a completely unrelated note, I have some terrible news.

This is a recent picture of my youngest cousin, my aunt's son. He's so sweet I had to post a picture of him but I'm not going to post names just for privacy's sake.... 

My aunt has been doing great since her pregnancy. She was clean from drugs at the time but also ensured her sobriety by participating in an Oxford house program. She was later able to find a good job, started renting her own place, and built up a network of friends to support her through life in general. Everyone in our family thought things were going great for my aunt, but not much had been said about her current relationship status. 

Well apparently this guy is a complete bastard piece of shit that had the nerve to cheat on my aunt while she was at work to support her son. My aunt found out last night and they got in a huge fight over it. The baby was with my older cousin at the time and she was unable to get ahold of my aunt that night which was bizarre and she got worried. She kept calling and calling with no answer. My other aunt was finally able to get ahold of her later that night and the phone call sounded muddy and she sounded almost incoherent. 

Apparently the fight had gotten physical and she was knocked out unconscious last night. She was taken to the hospital and was in a coma until this afternoon. The blunt force trauma caused her to have a stroke that messed up the right side of her body and she will have to go through weeks (maybe months) of rehabilitation to recover. She won't be able to work and is going to need a lot more help with Wyatt, the responsibility of which will be passed around by my other aunt, uncle and grandma. But of course my aunt and uncle have jobs so my Grandma's going to be doing most of it. It makes me wish there was some way I could help but there's really not aside from give moral support so I gave her a call today to make sure everything was alright. 

My grandma's dealing with this pretty well. She isn't as worried as I would have thought she would be when I called. I guess regardless of having little control over the right side of her body right now my aunt was able to chew and swallow food. We're the most concerned about her mental state and will have to support her and the baby as a family. 


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