Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Marshall you are such a freaking bully

Who raised you?? ....oh yea.

I took this picture minutes ago. Marshall was being super stir crazy tonight and meowing to get in and out over and over again so I let Kiki in to uh... play with him. Marshall does quiet down when Kiki is there but I realized it's because he's tormenting him.

Kiki is not a fighter like Sully or Marlow. He won't attack back at all so it's pathetic when I see my cat jump on top of him and bite his neck when he's trying to make his way to Marshall's food dish. And he'll do it over and over until finally he goes into my room and hides out. Its even sadder because Kiki isn't even aiming for the food in the bowl anymore. He eats the food dropped outside of the bowl just to not piss Marshall off. Simply put my cat can be quite an asshole.

I'm trying to blog this from my phone right now. Today wasnt a bad day, just had a lot on my mind. I realize that regardless of the fact that I am extremely diligent and hardworking at school my ability to seek out opportunities for myself and network around for jobs is pitiful. Its almost like I have to be told to do something, either from someone in authority or my mind telling me if I dont practice guitar I wont ever get better to actually do it. Drawing is something I do more out of pleasure at this point but still part of me makes it a job to keep my page updated with new pictures..

Then I think of all the time I waste on Facebook. I need to start making finding a job a priority over everything. This Thursday I plan to update and turn in my resume to a couple places around ellensburg and this weekend I plan to revise some of my old assignments to upload onto LinkedIn. At least even with my lack of work experience if I can have something to show for how hard of a worker I am aside from my grades than that's something.

Uhm let's see, this week is my last official week of classes. Next week is finals and like always I've got a shit ton of work to do including a case study for my finance class. If I do well on that, that'll be something else I can post to my LinkedIn. Yup fun stuff ....


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