Thursday, March 19, 2015

I'm a loser babbbbay

So why don't cha kill me.

These are one of those days where I look about almost as bad as I feel on the inside.

After all that fucking work I still did not feel confident on that test what so ever. All the prayers. All the work I did these past two days.. I mean 5 hours the day before yesterday. .then yesterday I was at it from 12 in the afternoon to  this morning at 8:00!! I could not rest until i'd felt confident on that material and I just... didnt. These were the chapters on stock valuation that I really wanted to build a better understanding of. I mean I guess I did... I learned a lot. But I feel like I must have slacked off this last week because I barely touched the last two chapters until this morning. I was an idiot and spent waaay too much time trying to master 8/9  which conceptually were hard chapters in and of themselves. Of course by the time I *did* finish reading chapter 10/11 concepts over and over but and copiex problems and answers down i thought would help me. A lot of it didnt because I didn't have adequate practice.

Not all is lost though. I still plan on joining the finance club in the spring, I'm still gonna turn in the chapter 11 homework for extra credit and I WILL complete that case study even if I was one of the few losers that didn't prioritize well enough to even start the thing. and this is like... 25 hours I spent annotating the book, practicing problems,  bah bah.. but THATS because I was probably only half paying attention because i  had YouTube on. Nobody is a multi-tasker, when you read or do homework of even play guitar sometimes it's useless because I'm really paying attention of the crazy/druggie/hitetrash/serial killers to really pay attention.
I hope to improve this asap.
Ahh I'm dozing off already.
Gnite guys (11:04 am)

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