Thursday, March 21, 2013

Last night at home. Guitarist luke jaeger

Evening everyone.

Well this is my last night at home for my spring break. Today was a pretty great day and I have no complaints about being here. I plan to be here until tomorrow evening after I hang out with a friend of mine. We were originally going to hang out this evening but he had some work to do.

Today started out with a bath. For some reason the hot water heater hasn't been working very well in our  house and I've found I'd rather sit in a half full hot bath than take a 2 minute shower. My hair has felt kind of dry lately, I should probably get a trim when I get back to Ellensburg. That's definately on my to-do list for the next week. That and studying the basics of Statistics before that class via youtube videos. I feel like I've taken a long enough vacation to get some work done now.

Guitar went well. The student that was scheduled to go after me was MIA again so I was able to spend some extra time with Jacob. He showed me one of the guitarists that taught him named Luke Jaeger and showed me a bunch of his youtube videos. I remember Jacob telling me about Night Terror in Seattle and Luke is the main guitarist. He's one of Jacob's top three favorite guitarists that have inspired him to get to the level that he is-- Luke Jaeger, John Petrucci and... someone else. I can't remember the third.

Check out a video of this beast.

What's even more astounding is that he's had jaw dropping ability for nearly all his life. Jacob also showed me a couple videos from his performances in a 7th grade talent show. It's so hilarious when the  camera pans  around the room to see the kid's faces as chunky kid throws down this incredible work.

As you can see in this video he's not chunky anymore. Actually he's more ripped than you can see in this video. He does a couple videos shirtless. He's clearly very driven on self perfection. I sort of wonder if part of what inspired him to be like this is that he got picked on.... or not, or maybe he had all the confidence in the world from day one.

Anyway I wonder if I know Jacob long enough if I will ever come into contact with this person. He seems like an interesting character and he's incredibly talented, it'd be cool to see what his story was growing up.

Invention No. 8 in F major is going well. I really want to step up my practice to a couple hours a day when I move back to Ellensburg. Maybe I'll even go out on a limb and try to do three hours like when I first started. Playing three hours now is much harder than it seemed back then when this was all new to me. I'm a much better player now so you think this would be more enjoyable...

I can feel my hands pulsating when I close my fists. I'm going to bed.


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