Saturday, April 4, 2015

This should kill a couple more hours. First party in a long time

Tonight (or should I say today now that it's finally after midnight) is going to be an interesting one. And the story leading up to it is also interesting so let me back up. This is going to be a long blog entry.

Okay Spring break came and gone. I was able to successfully complete my doctors appointment and fill the prescription that I needed that's keeping me off the pot on Monday. Unfortunately I did something totally stupid and took a narcotic painkiller in my Mom's room the day of the appointment to get rid of a bad headache. The previous day I'd been partying all night and drove home from Hermiston at about two pm that next day. Why the hell was I in Hermiston? Read on.

Jared Johnson. You guys might recognize that name from blog entries back in like 2012. I had a huge crush on him when he was in my sociology class at CBC. The situation was interesting because Josie Day also happened to be in that class and was very into Jared's best friend Joan. That had been going on forever and might still be to this day, who knows. Joan moved away to college and Josie is still in the tri-cities I believe, I'm not friends with either of them on facebook so I wouldn't know what they've been up too these days. Anyway, Jared and I met on facebook that year and he was originally a total snob and ignored my interest in him completely. That obviously made me like him more.

About a year later I remember we hung out a few times at his Dad's place. We got along well because we're both kind of smart asses, but we're also both extremely stubborn so we butt heads about things a lot. He's kind of defensive about being masculine so he'll occasionally say things that are kind of offensive without really trying. I guess some would say "he's a bit of a dick." But most guys I've been attracted to are that way. Jared and I never dated, though, I guess the romantic vibe isn't really there. We hadn't talked in months when he texted me when I was at Goodwill the previous day with my Dad. He was taking me out to buy a new pair of Nikes that I was super happy about.

He told me that there was a party happening that he'd "really like to see me at." I was like okay, sweet! I had made some plans with this guy Riley this here in Ellensburg but decided to flake out on that like he's flaked on me so many times. Jared's plans sounded more solid and like a blast so I anticipated a good time.

That day Jared had texted me saying the party was going to be between 9-10 and by 10:00 we hadn't talked since like 8:10. We'd been texting back and forth and he changed the address twice. The second time I had to call him and bitch that he hadn't gotten ahold of me when I was waiting. Actually at this point I thought he had flaked. I had been playing guitar that night when I was all dolled up and ready to go and took this snap:

So here's me in the basement practicing the Unforgiven. You can see what I wore that night, a orange shirt I got at goodwill that actually turned out to be really flattering and some high heeled wedges. Overall a very cute outfit. When I showed up to this mobile home park in Kennewick Jared saw me and was like "Wow, you look so beautiful... It's not one of "those" kind of parties." Like I was overdressed. I laughed and said 'yeah I should have brought a jacket' because I saw some people hanging out outside. He then said, "Every girl at that party is watching you and hating you so much right now." I'm like, "Wth, why?" Sort of made me feel anxious upon walking in..

But everyone was actually super chill and nice. I didn't realize what the occasion was until I saw a huge card on the table for this girl Julia. So that's when I just started doing the usual, meeting people, asking people questions about where they live and work, etc... I rarely start out by going off about myself because if I did people would think I'm a snob. The best way to get to know people initially is to be a spring board. Let their conversations revolve around them and bounce back at them.

The girls seemed really nice. Most were either friends of Julia's or lived in the house that we were hanging out in. One of the girls that lived there was really cute and pregnant. We had a good conversation over by the beer pong table because she told me she was interested in accounting and finance too. It takes a lot of guts to go into this field, community college or not. I remember how hard my second accounting class was at CBC I dropped it because I couldn't juggle it with Japanese. Decided to wait until I got to CWU. Anyway, this is where the beginning of this would-to-be soap opera launches.

This tall guy with just incredible blue eyes caught my glance when I was sitting in the living room with Jared at the couches. Jared was sort of preoccupied with people watching and talking to other girls, which was cool. Being there as friends we were kind of eachother's wing man in some sense even if we planned to go back to his place that night after we'd had a few.

Anyway I smiled at him and he just stood for a second like, okay, I want to talk to this girl. I could tell. Especially when Jared and I started talking about some random irrelevant shit and this guy jumped into the conversation. Suddenly his beer pong buddy ditches and he asks me to play with him. Jared decides to go out back and kick it with some people he went to highschool with. Everything was cool.

Okay, I'm not gonna say our first conversation was like this 'perfect omg finishing eachothers sentences' crap but we kind of hit it off. He's a year older than me and has a beard which has always been kind of something I've always been attracted too. Especially with those wooden pipes and lumberjack boots... hmmm... Uhm okay, like I was saying..

He was asking about what I was going to school for and I told him to someday be a financial analyst of some kind. I told him pretty bluntly, "I like math and money." Ha ha ha. I just got enacted the Finance club senator and representative this upcoming Monday, it's what I'm into. He told me that's awesome that I'm in school and that he is currently a manager at a plumbing supply outlet.

Having learned in marketing about how the system works, I can pretty clearly imagine what his job was be like. He has very difficult hours because deliveries and inquiries need to be done at night so the plumbers can have the supplies they need for the next day's contract. He's a manager of a group of people at a warehouse at 24, that's not doing bad for himself at all. He also has a welding certification.

Ha ha you know honestly, even if taking that welding class at ki-be was hell at the time, it has won me so many points making conversation with country boys over the years. Because they all freaking love welding metal for some reason and having taken that class I can -kind of- speak their language.

Anyway. We exchanged first and last names (implying I wanted to add him on facebook. I was being very low key about it because I came with someone else and didn't want to be rude). We added eachother that night, and after we lost a beerpong game pretty quickly against the reigning champs I sat down at the couch messing around with my phone and we parted ways. It wasn't long before I was talking music nerd to some dude who's brother plays guitar. He also sings and likes some good rock. Anyway it wasn't long before Jared came over and sat down, we talked for a little while longer, and Jared wanted to step outside.

We ended up leaving a little earlier than Jared acted like he wanted to leave at. That was fine though, considering I had a feeling I'd be driving us to Hermiston because there was no way in hell he was going to be able to find a taxi in the tri cities at 2 in the morning to drive us over the Washington border. Luckily that night I had kept my drinking extremely slow and steady, like I think I had 3-4 beers tops during the four hours we were there. And a jello shot when I first got there.

So I was feeling a *tiny* bit tipsy. Barely. I knew I'd have to drive us home and turned on my music, driving extremely focused and not saying a word all the way to hermiston. With just a tiny bit of alcohol in my system, I am still incredibly worried about our safety and my own wellbeing so I had my metal blasting and eyes locked firmly on the road.

Anyway the rest of the night was pretty much like a sleepover between two buddies. We watched netflix and ate fast food.

That night I found myself messing around on my phone and looking at that guy's facebook. I saw he had some family from the South, he liked snowboarding, saw that he had a tattoo... So I commented on the tattoo, "Badass" and he responded, "Thanks do you have any?" or something really basic like that.

At this point I didn't even realize the girl who's birthday it was the previous night was Taylor's ex girlfriend. Jared had mentioned this and said "Recently. And they're that couple that always has drama." And I'm like interesting... Lo and behold, that next morning while I was doing my makeup Jared said to me, "Julia called you out.." and I'm like what?

I look on there and she's giving this rant like, "Oh wow didnt you come with jared johnson? and you guys added eachother fast!! isn't that funny?" something-bullshit-something.

 So I wrote back, "Jared's my friend. I was at a party and met a new friend, isn't that the point of a party?" and she wrote back, "Not this one. Move on." I didn't see that for awhile because Jared and I were watching Walking Dead. When I got back online around 2 pm, I went back on his profile and was so sad when I found out he deleted me!!

And this is after Jared tells me this is always the couple having drama so I'm of course like, 'waitwaitwait.." like if this guy added me just to make his ex jealous and play some game I'm like hell no, too old for that crap. I messaged him saying "What the hell, you deleted me? Well if this is just part of a game between you and your ex that you used me as a pawn in you should go have a nice life, bye:)"  He apologized and said he hadn't wanted to delete me.

Alrighty then. So having just ignored that we're not friends, we proceeded to talk and have really gotten along these past four days or so. I hadn't had my phone at all this week so it did make this week a lot more entertaining.

Yeah definitely a weird situation but interesting. 

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