Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A lot has gone down these past 8 days. I've been so busy I haven't had time to write but I have some interesting news.

First off, let me say that something in R clicked for me. After reviewing the chapter the previous day I was finally able to make progress plotting the datasets on my own. Without Michael spoonfeeding me the answers I was able to catch on to the program pretty quickly, he did me a huge favor cutting me off like that.

Anyway recap to the night of the 8th. I had been texting Ryan A. about how I needed people to work with in forecasting and he said his buddy Matt was in there and sent me his phone number. The next day in Carbaugh's class I introduced myself to Matt C. and his best friend who I'd noticed he's always with, Joel. Joel asked for my number and he said he would text me later when we planned to meet up.

Here's a picture of Matt that was taken this weekend at Starlight. I was there

We all met up around 7' and soon realized Joel and I would be the ones doing the assignment while Matt helped us do research for the 406 papers. Ryan A. was also studying with us and Colby showed up a little later. That night I was on FIRE getting that homework done. I was so relieved that it was finally making sense and I was actually able to help Joel get it too. 

That night we hung out at Matt's house and we smoked and joked around, bounced around questions to get to know them and visa-versa... Matt was an only child and Joel was the youngest of 6. Joel's parents seem a little older because he started living practically independently when he was 16. He dropped out of highschool because he was bored with it and decided to get his GED instead-- apparently *knowing* he wanted to go to college already all along which I think is crazy. I mean to drop out of school and travel around until he was 26 is basically what he did. 

This is Joel in Maui.  He's into surfing and has lived there for weeks at a time before. 

We just clicked really quickly on a lot of our interests. He and I like the same kinds of TV shows exactly-- cartoons and messed up people. We both like going out and dancing. Fitness is a big part of his life like it is mine and he works out almost every day. He plays the drums. 

So yeah this past week we've been spending a lot of time together and it's been fun.. Even if most of it was spent in the library on the mass amount of work and studying required of me when it's this close to the end. The time that we have spent at my house and out this weekend was great too. 

I'm trying to not let myself get too involved emotionally. Joel is graduating in 40 days and moving to Hawaii so it's sort of mutually understood and unspoken that this is temporary. 


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