Saturday, October 25, 2014

We're just talking about the future, forget about the past.

Hey all.

It's Friday and my day started out like my last few Fridays; waking up at Travis's house. This time last week I had an assignment due so I was up super early but today we were able to sleep in nice and late. He's soo nice to cuddle with, I feel so comfortable and relaxed with him.

Today he, Vinnie and I went to Fujiyama in Kennewick. It was a really fun show to watch your food being made in front of you! Our chef that came out to make it for us was this really cute guy from Czech that reminded me of Toni (you know me and my fetish for Eastern European men, lmao...) Anyway I'm pretty sure I was blushing the whole time when he was talking to us and doing all the cool tricks and sh*t... It was a fun afternoon.

I dealt cards at the Tin Hat last night and I'm getting better at it every time. There weren't as many guys there this week so the winning pot wasn't as big-- aka less tip $$$. Oh well, I still had fun and Travis bought me two Bloody Marys, which has become my favorite drink ever.

Looking at this picture makes my mouth water. Seriously I could drink myself sick on these things at a bar if they weren't so expensive. 

The bartender at the Tin hat makes an awesome one too.... mm.

So yeah, as you can read I've been feeling pretty good about things. I like Travis a lot. He's funny, intelligent, has his own friends, life, hobbies, etc... The only "issue" (barely) is the driving.The fact that I won't be working at Little Caesars anymore because that'll cut the driving down a lot. Going back and forth to Kennewick to Travis's and then Pasco the next day or worse the SAME day was not working for me. That and it has cut way into my profits.

Oh, I practiced 90 min of guitar today. That was nice, I got really inspired when I heard "Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution" by ACDC on my way home from stopping at Brad's house on my way back from Travis's this evening. Unfortunately for who-knows-what-fucking-reason considering it's one of the most recognizable riffs EVER.... a good copy of the tab is NOT available on Ultimate-guitar. But feeling some ACDC I picked up Back in Black today!

And Harvester of Sorrow. Also 97 rock inspired. Thanks guys. 


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