Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Coke in a vitamin pill

Evening. It's 11:38 pm. 

I've been trying to diet and exercise more efficiently by avoiding night eating and originally had a plan to not eat after working out but low-and-behold I caved. On something healthy though, a bowl of Crispex with the other half of a banana from earlier. My mom made breakfast burritos for dinner with real chorizo spicy sausage that were fabulous and carried me through the second half of my 3 hour study session today. 

I have my first midterm in accounting coming up on the 30th. It covers a really wide range of chapters-- 1 through 8, and I've been reading each chapter a second time (some third) time around and just hope for more clarity which has been helping a lot. Reading a chapter without the pressure of a time constraint has been very helpful because the stress of *having* to stay awake to finish the assignment by a certain time is the WORST time to be reading.

So yeah, studied quite a bit today after getting home from staying at Travis's for two nights. Originally I hadn't anticipated being gone that long but the accounting assignment that I thought would just take me a few hours took me the entire day-- from around 1:30 pm to 9 pm when it closed. Of course I'd be lying if I told you that entire time was spent working. Travis and I talk just to give my brain a break from it which is nice because he makes me laugh and takes some of the pressure off. 

Lol so this afternoon Travis and I stopped at the Wal Mart pharmacy on our way back to my house to get a few things. I bought Bronkaid as well as something I'd remembered seeing on TV that stuck in my head. In these Nature's Way "Alive!" vitamin commercials you see these women feeling great with all this energy so when I'd remembered this when the pharmacist was logging in my information I'm like "Oh!! I have to get some of those crazy vitamin pills! Hang on Travis hold my spot.." (Because we'd been waiting in line for at least 15 minutes and had a huge line behind us...) 

I almost didn't find them. When I did I was overjoyed and kind of slammed them on the counter and said to the pharmacist and Travis, "If these things don't get me as amped up as those bitches on the commercial I'm bringing these back, Kamal!" Kamal was the name of the pharmacist at the Kennewick Wal Mart that was ringing us up-- all I could think when we were standing in line trying to read his name tag as we got closer was "interesting name for a white guy."

I have actually felt really great today, but I'm not sure if it's as much from the vitamins as it is accomplishing most of what I wanted to do and not drinking any alcohol at night. I did like 200 crunches, 50 squats and some leg lifts. I just can't stand not having a gym membership and it being too cold to have much ambition to run. Maybe I should just get over it and find some. Without a job and leaving in three months I definitely can't afford to blow $200 on a temporary gym membership unfortunately.... 


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